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Monday, June 08, 2009

Acxel2 Website

Update: Unfortunately, the Acxel2 project was cancelled in January of 2011 due to lack of funding:

"Formally Idarca-Audio is bankrupted, not for technical reasons but for critical investment that never happened.

We have working unit. We currently work to revive the project, in short to get an investment in a new corporation, complete the certifications and build new units,

Thank you for your interest."

The new Acxel2 website is up.
"Acxel2 is a new upgradeable multi-synthesis and multi-timbral modular synthesizer offering: Additive synthesis, Re-synthesis, Expanded synthesis and Analog synthesis. Acxel2 introduces its native analysis synthesis mode: the Acxelink®.

All Acxel2 musical instruments can be used with any DAW (Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Cubase, Steinberg, Logic, etc.), can operate under Apple or Windows platform and can be used as "slave" or "master" with any MIDI or audio analog entry (keyboard, guitar, microphone, etc ...).

All our products incorporate the Acxel2 re-programmable microprocessor RPP renowned for its extreme reliability and execution speed, dramatically superior to any DSP chips currently available on the market.

Through synthesis and processing of native Acxel2, processing options and sound changes are virtually unlimited. The Acxel2 can emulate any synthesis known modes or original combinations of synthesis modes, effects and signal processing, modification in sounds envelope or articulation ... all in real time!" Be sure to see the official Acxel2 website for more.

If you are unfamiliar with the history of the original Acxel Resynthesizer see these posts. Be sure to scroll when you get there for video and more. This is big news in the synth community.

Update via iDARCA Audio on the new Axcel2. The following actually came in with the image fo the Axcel2 rack above. I wanted to clear it with iDARCA before posting. Note the red below: "Here is a preview of the STUDIO Model that we are working on, 2U, the RACK front panel will also be very close to it (Back panel has different version RACK depending on options – Analog, Digital). The Grapher (2 versions) is under design, we expect the LCD version available soon in fall and LED Matrix (inspired from the Acxel1 with 24 bits colors, multitouch and better resolution than the original Acxel grapher) to be availble in the End of the year.

The CARD version (Home Studios) is actually under tests, the control software too. In fact all system share same base software that runs into MAC and PC."


  1. Wonder how this will compare to the Symbolic Sound Kyma, which does so much re-synthesis.



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