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Saturday, June 20, 2009

ROLAND PR-800 Digital Piano Recorder

via this auction

"Digital Piano Recorder. Tape & MIDI connections w/MIDI cables, a 70's survivor!"

Anyone know more about this one?


  1. First of all, it's obviously not a "70s survivor", as it has MIDI.

    If I recall correctly, it was a simple two track sequencer designed for their HP series pianos. The tape interface was for storage of sequences.

  2. It's part of the Piano Plus series Roland made in 1984. I have the Rhythm unit that they sold along side it (with a built-in arpeggiator and chord player). Never seen the PR-800 in person but the rhythm unit is a solid piece of kit.

  3. Obviously something for the home keyboard market sporting a conservative wood grain and traditional fonts. Having MIDI and cassette backup rather than floppy disc does peg it as being early in the MIDI era. Obvious to those who've used cassette backup, it does take a lot of patience/frustration. I'd guess the seeming rarity is that they didn't sell that well and being for the home market, regular music gear dealers wouldn't stock it new or sell a used one later.

  4. Hey what about a manual? Anyone? I need a manual because I want to try the tape cassette backup and see what experimental music I can create with that

  5. Also I posted before but it didn't post I guess I wasn't logged in yet
    But this is not a amateur home recorder
    No sir! If it was it would have easy RCA outputs for the tape recorder
    So no it's hot 1/4" balanced output for the tape cassette recorder
    I'm just trying to figure out the procedure
    Does anyone know?

  6. A search for Roland PR-800 manual brings it up as the first result: here's the PDF

  7. think of the entire Piano Plus System as an extrapolated home organ. Arpeggiator, drum machine, comping chords and an arpeggiated bassline ... only across an analogue piano


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