Thursday, June 11, 2009

SEIKO DS series lot

images via this auction
"SEIKO DS additive synthesizer & sequencer collection. Why have musicians like Ruediger Lorenz, Till Kopper, J.M. Jarre and Aphex Twin owned one, then? The answer is that the 310 has an additive synthesis facility that they found sufficiently interesting to ignore the home keyboard elements, also a very nice chorus and many more...

This lot includes:
Keyboard DS-202 with PSU (110 volts)
Digital synthesizer DS-310
Digital sequencer DS-320
Digital memory cassette: DMC2 (new) and DMC1 unspeakable demo ROM cartridge
Midi interface module S1B-1"

be sure to see the sellers other items.

YouTube via matrixsynth
This video is from the auction with the following note: "apologies for the bad audio quality, due to my bad camera"


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  2. My god! How do you discover these things?

    Well, I just bought a broken one on ebay a few minutes ago - its been online for a few weeks, supposedly all functions work, but no sound, hope it is an easy fix. I've wanted one of these since I first played one as a kid back in 1984 @ Fitchburg Music in Fitchburg, MA. Hopefully it is an easy fix...

  3. update... found a ds-250 on Craigslist, in good working condition. It sounds really really nice, I haven't waited & searched 20 years for the seiko synths in vain.

    The DS-202, 310 and 302 modules should be arriving also next week.

    What I really need is for someone with the manuals for these to scan them and make a PDF! It would be good to know the sysex data format for future experimentation.

    I will be posting high-resolution photographs and high quality sound recordings of these synths in the near future. none of the online images I've found are high-res enough to really see what is what on these things, and the recordings suck wind.

    - Joel

  4. Using Midi OX to watch the midi data stream from the DS-250, whenever I press a button on the ds-310, the ds-250 sends the same data. Sending this data back to the ds-250 seems to have one result: if a sound is selected from the built in presets, the seiko will switch back to the last selected additive patch on the module:

    0000F0CF Da1 -- C0 10 -- 1 --- PC: Drawbar Organ
    0000F164 Da1 -- B0 40 2F 1 --- CC: Pedal (Sustain)
    0000F165 Da1 -- B0 01 60 1 --- CC: Modulation
    0000F167 Da1 -- B0 40 7F 1 --- CC: Pedal (Sustain)

    Still, very useful for saving running back and forth across the room while sequencing.

  5. Do the modules have MIDI or proprietary cables? If MIDI you could probably create a TouchOSC template for them using OSCulator or The Missing Link to translate that into MIDI. The Missing Link supports sysex. Not sure if OSCulator does yet.



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