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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Restored Yamaha Rm1x Sequence Remixer (1 of 2)

YouTube via pmanderson70. via this auction
"This is a Yamaha RM1x Sequence Remixer I'm selling on eBay.
The video was recorded with a Samsung NV24HD pocket camera.
Audio recorded with Audacity on a PC and later mixed with Windows Movie Maker.

Sequence 2 includes additional percussion from a Yamaha S90 synthesizer.
Sequence 1 is 100% RM1x.

27 (keyboard) contact switches were replaced with better tactile switches. The original black (Mitsubishi) floppy drive was replaced by a Panasonic drive.

The drums and basses are my favorite sounds on this thing; the second sequence bass is too funky for words."

Restored Yamaha RM1x Sequence Remixer (2 of 2)

"These make great drum computers, even if you don't use the internal sounds. The built-in step recording and grid recording modes make drum sequencing fun."


  1. Note that these babies are easy to mount in a rack. A pair of rack ears only 1U in height with some spacers and nuts covered with tape for protection on the inside and you have one of the best non-live sequencers you can buy for under a few hundered, however it is a bit of an unwieldy slow bastard at times, but immensely powerful. Consider it the Kurzweil VAST of sequencers.

    I've meant to put shots and words up about my little mod like that but it's like producing a new track - doesn't happen until it's too late.

  2. Does anyone have more information about how to do the button repair, i.e. what switches, and where to get them? I have one I haven't switched on since the buttons started to go, but it was easily my most inspiring unit of hardware, and I wrote tons of stuff on it.

  3. Hi, i have replaced all the tactile switches to theese;

    E-SWITCH - TL9000F120Q
    My Rm1x works better than ever now.

    You can get theese switches at Farnell or Newark for example.Sadly i've no info about the rotary knobs.

  4. The RM1x featured on this posting is mine.
    The contact switches for the keyboard buttons were replaced with these.

    Digikey Part Number
    Mfg Part Number

    It took a couple of hours to do. Mainly because I was spending time strategizing the best method and sequence to remove the old ones and solder in the new.
    Removing the old ones was the hardest part.
    Make sure you keep your solder iron away from the diodes.

    The switches are nice. They have a definite tactile feel to them now. However there is a slight click sound to them.



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