Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sync Unit DC

via rv0:

"I have been working on a freeware application that sends dinsync over the audio ports.
For now it needs a dc coupled soundcard (motu) and Apple OSX, but other options are under development.

The installer for it can be found here

If the link dies, check the server root for a new version.

Screenshot in ableton live 8:

Screenshot in logic 9;

This is how you prepare a cable for it:

It delivers instant sync as soon as you press start in your DAW.
12, 24, 48 and 96 sync modes are available.
More goodies coming soon.


Update via rv0 in the comments:

rv0 Sync Unit & Motu Interface: a cheap pc to dinsync solution

YouTube via rv0soft

"get dinsync straight from motu audio ports using rv0 Sync Unit DC. Download here: Windows version coming soon." without MOTU

rv0 Sync Unit & MPC Sync Track: cheapest pc to dinsync solution

"Use your soundcard to sync your old analogue gear. If you don't have a motu interface you can get this device on ebay, real cheap and download the Sync Unit for mac (pc coming soon) at"

"The device is called MPC Electronics Sync Track and it needs only 0.5 Volt peak to peak clock level, so it will work on any soundcard." from the manual: "Bar/beat switch This switch is exclusively for Roland units such as the 'DRUMATIX' and 'BASSLINE' and works in conjunction with the run/stop switch when adding breaks or pauses to a synchronized performance. In the 'BAR' position the units being driven will restart from the beginning of the bar in which they were stopped. In the 'BEAT' position the units will restart from the next beat after the on on which they were stopped, ie Acting more like a pause" Here's a search for MPC Sync Track on Ebay. Nothing was up as I posted this, but feel free to check.


  1. yes! This is awesome. I need something like this since my Dr Click got ripped off and they are impossible to find.


    this is something i've been waiting for.

  3. It's the sort of thing you see and go why wasn't this around 15 years ago when everyone was scrabbling for korg kms30's!!!
    Simple yet genius!!!

  4. please include sync offset. that would make this the ultimate solution.

  5. Not free of course but gives simultaneous sample accurate Midi Clock and Trigger Outs as well as Din Sync. AU and VSTi Host Plug-In supplied too!

    Best - David

  6. Forgot to mention too, works off any stock audio interface. No need for DC Coupled Outputs or Modification of your existing Sound Card. And we've seriously tweaked the Sync-Lock conversion hardware engine - all outputs convert Plug In Pulse Inputs to Sync Output in under 20 microseconds firm.

    Best - David

  7. Sync-Lock 'Sync-Gen' plug-in runs PC or Mac/AU or VSTi

    regards, David

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  10. So a bug slipped into the installer.. I put a new version online now.

    If you had already installed, please delete all traces of it ( Library/Receipts and wherever it installed)

  11. @John
    offset will be added but not very soon, i'd like to add some other things first (like windows support).

    without motu:



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