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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vurt Synthesizer

flickr by Ioannis Kazlaris
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Appears to be in a museum behind glass. Anyone know more about this one?

Update via slabman in the comments: "Seems to be from the Czech equivalent of the BBC Radiophonic workshop. Go to this thread on KVR Audio and scroll down"

"(translated to English from a Greek website back on 3-3-09)

Reason for this [thrent] was the photograph of this one enormous and completely unknown [synth] from [synforoymiti] BigAlejandro in [thrent]: 9#msg301549

The photo is from the himself and was taken at his visit in the museum of music of Czech Republic. It shows terribly interesting instrument - I have not heard absolutely nothing for this, and still more interest it is the fact that I did not achieve I find information on this, and that it appears that unfortunately his traces they are lost in depths of time. Lo and behold (for photo of bigger analysis you go to the other [thrent]):

Observe that the keyboard does not begin from [nto] as the many, but from the [fa] as [pch]. Minimoog. The big bodies that write “Tesla” what is i wonder? Oscillators?

I did not achieve to find certain concrete information on this. Very probably it was made by the department of researches [t]o[y] fights never VURT (Radio and Television Research Institute) Prague. The VURT was founded in 1949 but his last traces that I find it is up to the '93. It was in all probability manufactured on behalf of Hamu Studios ( aiming at the creation of sounds for radio-television use, as for that (more experimental season) electronic music.

In the [sait] [t]o[y] Hamu unfortunately does not exist no report, as in various work that I found for the electronic music of that Czechoslovakia of season. It would be a lot of interest we try to communicate with the persons in charge of museum and studio in order to we see [an] exist certain details, and [an] we lead somewhere to make also a entry in Wikipedia. Whoever knows anything I request [as] him it writes…

BigAlejandro you know somebody [link] for the museum? he is this? I believe that I found also email their: (under) I will try to communicate also if they exist newer, you him I will announce here.

It was recorded

I wish I had one more night to live!

[Ap]: Vurt synthesizer - one proportional monster lost in depths of time…
“Answer #1 in: 22:31 - 03/03/09”

Very interesting body Spyros, I do not have him [xanadei] and nor [xanakoysa] to something for this!

[Kindyneyso] I say that it is firstly [monofoniko] (taking into consideration the chronology that you report). Rather it will be supposed it uses additive composition of sounds if I judge from the very big number of potentiometers that exists. I speculate that if it is additive synthesis, then logically the potentiometers regulate the intensity individual harmonious (for this and so much many) - the red switches perhaps are switches.

The twelve department that is in the above side of body can be some type oscillators. [Ormomenos] from the word TESLA with which [metratai] the magnetic induction, I speculate also that exist certain electromagnets from behind - regulating the magnetic induction it exists also change in the electric charge, which change it is translated in sound. If it is thus, it will be supposed exist inductors etc.


[Ap]: Vurt synthesizer - one proportional monster lost in depths of time…
“Answer #2 in: 00:40 - 04/03/09”

With regard to my Tesla, [emena] again goes the brain to the homonym company that manufactured in Czechoslovakia the lamps Tesla, which in deed continues being from the minimal companies that produce still light bulb. The name changed in JJ and the country of production is Slovakia henceforth."

Update 5/9/12 via Lorne Hammond on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge: "12 frequency generators, likely some organ divider chips and volume for octaves, old school museum display glass, Hama is the Music faculty of teh Academy of performing Arts in Prague, so I'd say its their old machine in a museum/library display. Machine probably built 1952-1962, might be later in teh 1960s but taht sort of frequency generator instrument was in use elsewhere in 1952.. However teh keyboard and coloured slider caps look more 60s in design style."

New pic via Connor 'Macleod' Eck in the same MATRIXSYNTH Lounge thread.

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  1. Seems to be from the Czech equivalent of the BBC Radiophonic workshop. Go to this thread on KVR Audio and scroll down


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