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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Leploop is here!

It looks like Leploop is shipping. via camp 303:

"It's very small and very weird...and I love it!

I just unpacked the first (?) Leploop sold and this is my first impression: it is very well built and sound really nice! My first impressions are that the small trimpot-like knobs actually have a good feeling to them and the shafts are long enough to allow good tweaking. The case and panel looks to be well manufactured, laser etched aluminium and wood. The wooden parts are a bit soft and scratches easily so I have to get a (very small) case for it.

The box is tiny as you can see in the picture, a 303 alongside for size comparison.

The bassdrum has almost 808-like qualities at low settings but the resonance and dist knobs makes it transform into something else when turned high. Resonance is the same as decay so I guess it is a triggered resonantfilter, half of the range of that control gives longer decay and the other half makes the filter oscillate for harsh and screaming timbres.
The sound of the oscillators and filters are good and the modulation possibillities are vast since lfo and s/h can be applied to many parameters. It goes low in the bass and you can make a nice dissonant detuned sounds using the two oscillators.

The sequencer is a mystery so far, I have some reading of the manual to do! I managed to make som nice basslines and beats after 15 minutes but I don't really know how I did it!"

Update via camp 303: "I ordered from Antonio, I found the email on his blog. I paid 345 EUR including shipping, a very good price I think...I can't even imagine how much work they put in to this! I'm starting to get the hang of the sequencer and rythm section and it is unlike anything I ever used in over 15 years of synth-tweaing! You enter notes by routing the sample and hold (with either LFO or noise as an input) to an A/D converter and writing a melody. Then you rearrange the notes by selecting clock division speed, last note and active steps and step order to get the melody you want! You can make pretty complex melodies and I think I managed to get five voices out of the box once by modulating the cutoff and resonance of the filter! (Bassdrum, VCA1, VCA2, VCF and modulated resonance!)"

Some vids previously posted:

leloop beta 2

YouTube via tonylight "portable analog groovebox first run of 10 pcs pre production test more infos"

leploop pre production test

leploop beta test 1

leploop, random users, hack meeting 09

leploop, step three, pcb testing, kick

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  1. i like the way he managed to shrink and take through hole electronics to another level. but i know the pots he decided to use (seems everybody is choosing those), and they will eventually become wiggly and fail. pots with the hardware nut is the best most stable choice.


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