Friday, December 18, 2009

Divide By MUX

YouTube via wonkythomas

"My... ahem... version... cough... of the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider Euro module.

Instead of fancy digital stuff (technical term) I just threw some shit at the wall... I mean CMOS together & got a cheap & nasty version going!! Too much fun... I have no idea what happened to the hour after I grabbed this quick video...

Chip count = 4 ICs & 2 of those are TL072s for input comparators. Clock, Reset & two Digital Control Inputs. I'm going to make a CV version when my LM3900s from F'Lec get here. But, for now this will do.

4 Outputs, each one puts out a differant division of the input clock, only one output at a time depending on the states of the the 2 Control Inputs. In the vid the main clock goes to the divider & 2 divisions go to Control A & B, the main clock is being divided by the multiplexer. Output 1 is /16, Out 2 = /8, Out 3 = /4 & /2 comes out of output 4.

Super fun stuff!! Now I just need to make a panel for this & my Grant Richter Neuron Pattern Generator & clean up all these damned croc clips!!!"

Clock Mux / Demux Pt.2

"More of the same, but, with the clock in of the Multiplexed Divider being taken from a slower clock than the control gates!! Much glitchy mis-firing & ghost pulses ensues... I love CMOS for this very reason... its messy in the best possible way!

The CGS / Metalbox Gated Comparator (blue LEDs) is reseting the Mux / Demux, with its threshold being CV'd by the Psyco LFO, lovely random-not-random set-up."

Clock Multiplex 3

"I start this one off with the A & B inputs under manual control. Any voltage more than about 2Vs at these inputs (the bottom left white & red crocs) will control which stage of the 4052 multiplexer is selected - stage = which output / division. I then start sequencing these with the Binary Zone which is also the main clock source... & things get a little fruity...

By this stage the everything is a massive tangle of wires... not really sure what is CVing what... I know the 4 outs of the clock mux are "mostly" controlling the pitch of 1 VCO, a 2nd VCO is CVing the CGS Wavefolder which is processing an 8008 bass drum... the amount of VCO being sent to the CV is being controlled by an EG1 which is being triggered by the Window Comparator... the Window Comparator is being fed one of the voltages that is controlling the first VCO.... & so on... such is the way of the banana.... A VCS, 3P mixer & Oakley Lag are integral in bending & integrating the pulses being put out by the Clock D'Mux"

Clock Multiplex 4

"... tomorrow I'll make a panel & hopefully be able to use this module in a more controlled way alongside some of the other Logic / Gate / Pattern type modules I've been working on... maybe then I can work out whats actually happening when the control gates are faster than the incoming clock... whatever its doing its a boatload of funz!!!!"

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  1. rock on! this is so dope, and it being DIY makes it 1000x cooler.



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