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Sunday, May 09, 2010

DIY Synth Panel Basic Demonstration Videos 1 - 6

YouTube via pickleinn — May 09, 2010 — "some basic patching on a serge like diy panel... They each go through some very basic patches. For instance, this first one shows how to get the dual function generators to start cycling. Some show how to use them as oscillators, other show them as envelop generators, others show them as a clock. Same with the wogglebug, LPG and programmer/sequencer.

in these videos:
- the wogglebug is used as an audio source, a cv source and a basic LFO for clocking the programmer/sequencer. It is shown being clocked by either the 281 or by its own LFO.
- the low pass gate is used as a filter, vca, cv mixer and audio mixer as well as acts as the final stage before the audio is output to the guitar amp.
- the 281's are used as oscillators (the first part of the video shows the peak function and the quadrature function), LFO, clocks, and envelope generators.
- the programmer/sequencer is used as a trigger source to get the 281's cycling (in the first video). Its also used as a sequencer and a keyboard. The last video shows row 1 out being used as a control of the pitch of the 281s. Row 4 shows the cv outs being used to open/close the VCA (LPG) for accents on notes. At one point in the video, the programmer/sequencer is clocked at audio rates (can be used to program in different waveforms). The programmer/sequencer is being clocked by either the wogglebug LFO out or one of the 281 channels."

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