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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Logos Foundation DIY Synth

via @mono_poly

I took a look at the Logos Foundation website and couldn't find any info. I sent mono poly a message to see if he remembers where he spotted it. Hopefully we will hear back. Until then, do check out the Logos Foundation for other interesting sound projects. BTW, if anyone finds this, and/or has any more info on this one, feel free to comment or shoot me an email - contact info on the bottom right of the site.

It definitely does have an EMS Synthi feel to it.

Update via metasonix in the comments: Deviant Synth tracked down some info here, complete with links to the nudist bits. For the archives, the synth was made by the founder of the Logos Foundation, Godfried-Willem RAES and is based on Texas Instruments gambling and arcade audio chips. Via this page on the synth: "To make the instrument I started of by using chips originally designed for gambling-machines and the sound subsystem of video arcade games. Looking through the specs and data-sheets provided by Texas Instruments, it became immediately clear to me that this chip contained virtually anything one would find in a large and very expensive analog synthesizer. Moreover, it came out that it even was ahead of the available technology on the synthesizer market of that time: it had a fully digital mixer/patcher section!

Adding a few more chips, gave me the possibility of playing live-music on it as well as of programming it as a sequencer. The 'Synthelog' was born: the smallest one measuring only 10cm x 25cm x 6 cm and costing only about 20 dollars...

As an instrument it contains 3 VCO's, 1 noise generator, 1 sequencer, digital mixer/patcher, ringmodulator, 1 VCA, 1 ADSR-generator."

Synth Babes label for the click through on Deviant Synth, not for Godfried-Willem RAES. Note Deviant Synth is technically safe for work, depending on how you look at it, but the male and female anatomy click through is not. Update: I heard back from mono-poly. He found out about it searching for stuff from Godfried-Willem RAES who is also a composer. He also sent in this Wikipedia link with more info on him.


  1. Ahem:

  2. His instruments are the coooolest. I hope he at least wears an apron when soldering ;p


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