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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Big Briar (Moog) Prototype Chorus Flanger

This one spotted by Rhythmicons. Via silent_switchman on the Moog Music Forum: "Hello fellow Moogists!

I think I may have made a pretty spectacular find. I have come into possession of a little effects unit that appears to be a Moog prototype unit. It's a Chorus/Flanger effects unit. It has a handwritten label on it, describing all the functionality of the knobs. Checking against older Moog schematics/prototypes that you can find on the Bob Moog Foundation website, I am inclined to think this is the real deal. The way the unit is laid out and the handwriting sure seem consistent with some stuff up there. Of course, who knows. I plan on writing the Bob Moog Foundation and seeing what they have to say.

I've attached a few snaps here for everyone. I can't vouch too much in depth for how the thing sounds overall; when I bought it, the seller didn't have quite the right power supply - it definitely powers up and it definitely is a chorus/flange effect. I tested it on a old guitar through like a cigarette pack-style amp; not exactly the best testing unit, but I know it works. I need to get a proper 18v(!) power supply for it tomorrow. I'll record some stuff through it and post the recordings up for everyone to hear.

Now, like I say, I can't totally vouch at this point that this is the real thing, but it sure _looks_ like the real deal. What's that 'Kingdom Of South Turkey' bit on the label?? A bit of fun by Dr. Moog?

Anyway - crazy find one way or the other. Here are two snaps of the unit. One in color, and an 'artier', B&W snap.

Thanks all! I'll let you know what the Foundation folks say when I get in touch with them. Cheers!"

Click on the images for the full size shots.
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Update: this is most likely real. silent_switchman if you read this, contact me for more info. If anyone is on the Moog Forum, ask silent_switchman to contact me.

Update: via Michelle Moog-Koussa of the Bob Moog Foundation and of course Bob Moog's daughter. I wanted to get permission to post this before putting it up.

"This is, without a doubt, a prototype made by the hands of Bob Moog. The construction is one giveaway, the knobs another. For Brian [Kehew], or someone with a bit more technical understanding, perhaps the design and concept are as well. But the real clincher is the writing -- unmistakably Dad. The neat printing is part of it, but the old fashion upper case "G"s with the tails coming in at a diagonal rather than vertically seal the deal. The red arrows, with a solid head and single line is another solid indicatory that "Bob was here".

The cherry on top? Dad's ever present tongue-in-cheek -- even self-depricating -- sense of humor. We lived at the end of a long country road named South Turkey Creek in a cove called Big Briar. Better known now as the seat of Bob Moog's independent company which he ran in between Moog Music (Buffalo) and Moog Music (Asheville), Big Briar Cove was then a place of welcome isolation, quiet and peace for a man whose mind was often preoccupied with harnessing electricity and turning it into sonic capability. A hundred acres, a round house and a mountain creek provided just the balance to his daily work creating such things as Chorus Flangers, theremins and multi-touch sensitive keyboards."


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  2. South Turkey Creek is the area in Leicester NC where Bob lived at one time. (where the round Deltec house is). It is the locals name for the area. It is also where the name "Big Briar Cove" came from. AFAIK Big Briar was Bob's name for the area.

    The +18V requirement most likely points to the fact that Bob used MN3000 series BBDs as opposed to the less expensive MN3200s used in most stomp box types. These parts require +15V to work, so he probably linear regulated down from +15V. In other words you got a nice piece of gear!

    Boy I sure would love to see the insides of that puppy.

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  4. According to Matrix, he says that Michelle Moog-Koussa vouches for the handwriting and "other things" and says that it is likely real.

    According to Silent_Switchman on the Moog forum, for those interested who may spot it here, aparently he emailed Moog and this is what he had to say:

    "Here's what I got this morning from Steve D: "I'm 98% certain that what you have is a prototype of a chorus/flanger hand-built by Bob *somewhere* between '78 and '92."'

    Steve D is an engineer at Moog Music, responsible for the venerable MoogerFooger Freq Box.



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