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Monday, November 29, 2010

More Info on the Tyrell

German here, Googlish here.

"We can not believe almost a year has now moved into the country, since we had the idea to make a separate analog hardware synthesizer on their feet. STOP, I correct - since we had the idea to give the industry an impetus to once again develop a polyphonic, affordable analog synthesizer...

Incidentally, the name we have borrowed from BLADE RUNNER. TYRELL was in this cult film for the production of human duplicates charge, which carried the name NEXUS. As I recall, was Nexus 6, the measure of all things. Not entirely coincidentally, this name was chosen, and the critically acclaimed soundtrack by Vangelis helped that we liked the name TYRELL immediately."

Note this is a concept synth. It will be interesting to see if anything comes from it.

Update: Specs and a few more pics (be sure to see the article for more detail):
" * 2 oscillators
* Synchronisation of the oscillators, FM and ring modulation as well as pulse width modulation are intended.
* The waveform-shaping are flowing and rich of sine (for FM and ring modulation interesting) up to two special „intoxication “- forms, in order to be able to make on oscillator basis also Sync or FM with them and generally extend by the sound pallet. The waveform-shaping can be adjusted so also in their symmetry and modulated (pulse width modulation).
* Ring modulator with different points of pick-up. It hardly dares a manufacturer to feed the ring modulator differently than with the two oscillator signals. Here there is a choice to include the filter with.
* Modulation bus for filters and oscillator separately
* Special mixture range, which finally causes additionally saturation, in extreme attitudes distortion and feedback, therefore please never push the automatic controllers immediately completely upward.
* Multi-mode filter with the characteristic for the determination of the range of the bandpass filter, as well as special saturation and sound characteristics of different typical structure forms of filters (construction unit-oriented)
* Arpeggiator
* Retriggerbare and jagged ADSR envelopes through „LFOs “(here modulation oscillators called, since we do not attach importance on „slowly “.
* Modulation Sequencer can steer arbitrary parameters
* Two modulation oscillators beginning with MIDI Clock option and Shaping, as well as switchable different random variants, with the classical „SAM-polarize & Hold “and Fade in or Fade out alternatively and hue control"


  1. It's like the Mopho Keyboard on steroids, I want one!

  2. technically "Tyrell" is from Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

    in the episode "Mr R.I.N.G.", The Tyrell Institute builds an android that goes out of control.

    one of the 15 people involved in writing Blade Runner decided to name the company that made the replicants Tyrell as a deliberate homage to Kolchak.

  3. WOW! knobs...and buttons...and sliders OH MY!

  4. Doubt they could find a manufacturer that could cope with their wishful street price of €1500. Looks more like double that looking at the specs.


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