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What is an iKeyDOCK?

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iKeyDOCK™ keyboard production station docks are a refreshing new take on music production. They instantly turn any laptop computer into a full-blown keyboard production station.

What is a Keyboard Production Station? Keyboard production stations can be loosely defined as keyboard workstations that are connected to a computer, which is needed to provide additional processing power and features. While keyboard workstations are suited for live performance and sketching out ideas for a song, keyboard production stations, with built in high-power computer cores, allow users to go from composition to recording to mixing and finally mastering of songs that are ready for radio or direct Internet distribution.

Tailored for Macs® but great with PC's too: iKeyDOCKs are tailored for Apple® MacBook® Pros and will accommodate 13" models up to 17" models. Built with high-quality anodized aluminum, the finish matches nicely with the Apple MacBook, iPad® as well as the iPhone® 4. However, iKeyDOCKs are equally striking with virtually any other brand of laptop computer, no matter what the color and finish may be.

Easy to install and use: To use the iKeyDOCK, simply place the laptop computer into the dock platform, connect either two (2) USB cables, or one (1) USB and one (1) Firewire cable (depending on audio i/o option) and you're ready to go. It's just that easy.

More Keys: iKeyDOCKs are available in 61-key and an 88-key versions, perfect for live or studio use. The velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted, synth-action keys are professional in feel and ultra roadworthy. Pitch and Mod wheels as well as octave up and down buttons with indicators are included to complete the playing experience.

Controls with Feedback: Built into each iKeyDOCK are Music Computing's ControlDAW™ midi controller and GeoMIDI™ midi mapping software. ControlDaw presents the user with four (4) banks of eight (8) plus one (1) master channel strips each with three (3) mappable encoders with LED indicator light rings, one (1) knobs for panning, solo and mute buttons and a high-quality fader. An 8X8 grid of lighted pads (64 total) is also provided that can be used as drum trigger pads, a Monome (with appropriate software) or as a trigger pad for sequences, etc. Controls for note-repeat enabled software and transport buttons are included as well as real-time feedback between the controllers and software making ControlDAW the ultimate midi controller for music production.

Hear the Difference: The standard configuration for iKeyDOCK include a 24bit-48 kHz audio I/O with two (2) combo XLR & ¼" mic/instrument 48V phantom power inputs, two (2) balanced outputs and a stereo headphone jack. The optional upgrade gives you a 24bit-96 kHz audio I/O with two (2) combo XLR & ¼" mic/instrument 48V phantom power inputs, six (6) ¼" balanced inputs (line-level), two balanced outputs and a stereo headphone jack. StudioBlades also offer Firewire ports in the event outboard audio I/O or other Firewire devices are needed.

Play That Sample: Music Computing's TriggerGrid™, included with each ControlDAW, is a sample player that allows the user to trigger sampled sounds via controllers such as the ControlDAW or ControlPLAY™. Unlimited number of banks each containing sixty four (64) samples can be loaded and played. Per pad controls included: Frequency, Attack and Release, Gain, Pan and Reverse. Per pad wave editor allows for simple drag to trim/truncate samples. 16 -- audio outs for use in a DAW. File formats include: wave and mp3. Save feature allows all 64 pads to be saved as a kit. Unlimited number of kits can be saved that can be instantly loaded for playback. Simple drag and drop interface to populate pads.

MIDI map presets: Music Computing's GeoMIDI™ MIDI mapping software provides an interface for changing the MIDI assignments of the ControlDAW and ControlPlay's buttons, knobs, and sliders. Each slider or knob can send out a variety of combinations of control or pitch-bend data. An unlimited number of MIDI map presets can be created, saved and loaded for use.

Compact and light: Traditional production stations are big and heavy, by using the latest technologies and manufacturing processes, iKeyDOCK keyboard production stations docks are portable enough to go just about anywhere.

Ground-Breaking Value: In the past, keyboard production stations or keyboard workstations outfitted with external computers were relatively expensive, leaving the average person to only dream about owning one. Well-equipped iKeyDOCKs start at only $1,499, making them an affordable tool virtually any musician can afford."

Using iKeyDOCK with Ableton Live

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