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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

E-mu Drumulator Drum Machine, MIDI, and EPROMS Kits

via this auction

"The Drumulator is a sample based drum machine from circa 1983. The original Drumulator stock sound set was gritty, lo-fi, 12-bit samples of basic drum sounds, which become a classic in many songs of the 80s. The company now known as Digidesign, or Avid (Pro Tools), created sound sets for the E-Mu Drumulator and other sample-based drum machines, called Digidrums Sound Chips. This auction includes 9 Digidrums Drumulator EPROM kits (5 EPROMs in each kit) in addition to the Drumulator stock drum kit, and a custom 808 sound kit from drummob.

The EPROM sockets inside the Drumulator have been outfitted with 5 removable high-quality EPROM ZIFs that allow for easily removing and installing of drum kits.

Note: That the DigiDrums EPROM kits included in this auction are not the originals, but replacements made from the original Digidrums chips (see link below to hear the kits).

The 10 EPROM Drumulator Drum Kits included with this auction are:
Drumulator Stock Kit
drummob TR-808 Kit
Digidrums Electronic Drums 1
Digidrums Electronic Drums 2
Digidrums Rock Drums 1
Digidrums Jazz Drums 1
Digidrums Drums/Latin Percussion
Digidrums Latin Percussion
Digidrums Alt Drum Kit #3
Digidrums All Percussion
Digidrums Sound Effects 1

... I’ve made recordings of each of the EPROM drum kits included with the Drumulator in this auction and posted them here.

You can download and view the Drumulator Users Manual here"


  1. The link for the EPROM drum kits recordings is no longer available. Any chance of a re upload? I'd love to hear the individual chips!!

  2. The links came from the auction listing, so they weren't mine. I didn't back them up unfortunately. There's a subscribe by email link below. If someone posts back here you should get a notification. If you find them, post back as well.

  3. Hey guys... I've found a link to the old ebay auction, which contains also a working link to the same files posted above! They're not samples of all sounds but just a pattern played for each EPROM, and in mp3... but it's OK for a demo.

    Here's the link for ebay:
    And the link for the files:

    I hope many people can find this useful!



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