Wednesday, July 20, 2011


MATRIXSYNTH turned six today! 62482 posts later and the site is still kicking.

I started this site back in July 2005 to simply track everything I came across in the world of synths. Back then everything was scattered in various forums, email lists and websites. Blogs were relatively new and Flickr and YouTube were just starting. It's hard to believe but in 2005 I was lucky to break more than five posts a day (the average was 6.69). Today I have a hard time keeping it under fifty posts a day (the record was a whopping 100 posts in a single day on March 28 of this year). It's amazing when you think about it. Not my posting endurance! ;) But rather the fact there is so much to post - that more and more people are sharing what they are doing. The synth community has grown. We have grown. And in my opinion that is pretty cool.

Every now and then I think about what I should be doing on the site. Should I limit what goes up to more press release and news type items. Should I limit how much I put up. Should I voice my opinion more often. I then I remind myself what the site started as and what it is meant to be. What makes this site tick is the insight into the everyday use of synths. It's not only about the makers and product announcements, and when it is about them it is often from the perspective of the makers as users. Think of the boutique modular makers and the videos they share with us. Think of the one person iPad developers and what they share. Yes press releases are covered, and now and then I have shared my opinion, but in general the site has always been about simply presenting what's out there as unbiased as possible and letting you take what you want from it. Everyone is different and everyone will appreciate or not appreciate posts differently. Sometimes the site feels like a conveyor belt sushi line. I put the posts out and you pick what you want.

Before this gets too long, I'll wrap this up by simply saying THANK YOU!

This site is about us, the users of synths. It's a log of synth history and what we were doing with our synths over time. When you look back at print magazines before the age of the internet, you'll typically find interviews with big name artists, press releases and gear reviews, but what we don't unfortunately have is a daily log of what everyone was doing with the gear, and we had very little media (videos, pics, and audio). Now we have that and you all make that possible. I can't wait to look back ten, twenty, thirty years from now and see what people were doing. If we only had that in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. BTW, whenever you have time, take a random peak back at some of the archives on the right. It's a fun look back.

THANK YOU!!! Time to post!


  1. congrats! 'Always a cool site.

  2. congrats and thanks Matrix
    keep it coming and keep it as it is,
    the format and content is just right

  3. hey man, big thanks for all of your hard work and general excitement for "everything synth". This is simply my favorite blog, and I always hop to it when I'm curious about our community of synth peoples. Again, thanks...

  4. Matrixsynth, you are my #1 website and I love you everyday - long life to you

  5. Congrats and keep up the good work Matrix. This is by far the best place to get a daily dose of synth.

  6. Congrats and thanks to you Matrix, for collect and gather all this information during each day of those 6 years. Just the best blog in the net!!

  7. Congrats Matrix Synth - Still the best Synth blog on the net ! love it !


    (Lester Barnes )

  8. congrats matrix and thanks!

  9. I love this site,

    keep up the good work

  10. Congratulations on six years of MATRIXSYNTH!
    Yes, it is quite a coincidence that our respective blogs were founded one day apart (and one year apart). It was great to find this site when I was first starting out, with its heterogenous mix of synth-related articles (and of course the occasional cat).

  11. Happy Birthday to my favorite blog!!


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