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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rare Crumar CPB-2 Bass Pedals

via this auction

"You are viewing a rare, vintage analog bass pedals synthesizer made in Italy in the early 1980's. The label on its side says, "Manufactured for Music Technology, Inc. by Elettronica", and has a serial number of 0066. Although it does not say Crumar on the device, it is the result of a joint venture between Music Technology, Inc. and Crumar, and is the same unit as was marketed by Crumar.

You could describe this as the "Poor Man's Moog Taurus", and you wouldn't be far off. It has thirteen "keys", a full octave from C-C. It has two wave forms: Triangle and Saw Tooth, as well as a volume and sustain dial. The 'release' switch is as close as you get to an ASDR envelope generator with this, and turns the release on or off. The sustain dial sets the length of the release.

"Doubling" toggles on a chorus effect, and "Footage" sets the scale of the Voltage Controlled Oscillator. It goes from 32' to 16'. With this unit's Voltage Controlled Filter, you can really get a bunch of different kinds of bass sounds out of it...

After buying it, I had it completely gone over by an analog synth technician. The volume dial is still slightly scratchy, but that is the *only* flaw with it now.

While working on it, he informed me that the VCO and VCF use CEM chips. You guessed it: this synth sounds awesome."

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