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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Roland SH-5 analogue monosynth

via this auction
"Rare, vintage Roland mono synth dating from 1976.
Great sound with lots of sonic personality and features.
The features:
2 oscillators with 32 / 16 / 8 / 4 / 2 range settings with fine tune on vco 2.
Triangle, sawtooth, square and variable square waveforms for both oscillators.
PWM modulation possible for both oscillators.
Oscillator sync with weak and strong settings.
2 low frequency oscillators:
LFO 1 has two shapes, up and down ramp/ sawtooth. LFO 2 has 3 waveshapes, triangle, sine and square wave
There is both pink and white noise source.
There are two resonant filters, the first is a multimode filter with 3 modes, the low pass is a 24 db diode filter much like the EMS Synthi/ VCS3, plus additional band pass and high pass modes.
The second filter is a classic 6 db band pass that sounds great.
There are 2 envelope generators an ADSR and an AR, both envelopes can be triggered by multiple sources.
There is a sample and hold generator and a ring modulator.
Great routing capabilities, each section can be modulated by different sources using switches at the top of each section.
The mixer has individual sliders for volume for both oscillators, noise, ring modulation and external input, each source in the mixer can be routed in different ways, either passed through either filters, both filters together in parallel or sent directly to the vca.
Excellent external input processing possibilites with High/Medium/Low input sensitivity switch settings on the rear.
Low level (microphone) / Medium (electric guitar) / High (keyboard)
Inputs can be fed through the ring modulator and the filters/ vca.
Finally the vca can be triggered by has a hold setting and a stereo output with panning knob.
Can be controlled via CV and gate with input / output jacks on the rear.
The synth is capable of a large range of sounds and has great possibilities for processing external input."

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