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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Moog Drum Machine

via It's Full of Stars where you'll find additional details and pics.

"According to an anonymous reader Moog did make a one-off drum machine for composer Eric Siday, and what a beauty it is! It's currently housed at the intriguing Museum of Music in Paris, which has a website here."

Update via Suit & Tie Guy: "I believe this is one of the four machines built for the famous 1969 'Jazz In The Garden at MOMA' concert. after the show it was repackaged and sold to Eric Siday.

it's possible and likely that these modules were also built for Carl Palmer's drum rig for the Brain Salad Surgery album. based on the panel controls it would seem reasonable to assume this. it would be great if someone close to Carl would find out if this is the case."

Additional note via Suit & Tie Guy: "By 'these modules' I meant 'they pulled the films out and made a few for Carl as well' as opposed to the idea that Carl owned these pieces, which he did not."

Update: turns out Carl Palmer's drum rig was not Moog but custom built.  If anyone has more info on it, feel free to comment or shoot me an email via the email icon on the bottom right. The following is a video of Carl Palmer featuring his electronic drums back in 1973. [I originally mentioned that this post stated he used a Moog 1130 Drum Controller for Brain Salad. I heard from a reliable source that he did not].

Carl Palmer Showing Off His Drums-10-21-73-Aquarius

Uploaded by paperpichu on Jul 10, 2010

"Carl showing off his drums on The Aquarius, October 21, 1973.

Carl was on a TV show for this video."

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  1. Just a few videos I made in the process of getting my 701's and 702's running... there will no doubt be more...:)





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