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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Atomic Shadow Reviews the EMW-200 & EMW-300 in the Works

via Atomic Shadow where you'll find the full review.

"I have spent several evenings getting to know a powerful little synth called the EMW-200 and I am very pleased to own the first unit off of the assembly line. Serial number 1001. Beta testing is on!

The EMW-200 is a recreation of the venerable ElectroComp EML-200, a rare synth to say the least. Only 150-200 of them were ever made, depending on your source, so let me say at the outset that I cannot speak to how much this little guy sounds like it's big brother. I have never laid eyes on on an EML-200. However the designer of the EMW-200 owns one and I think that he went to some pains to get them as close as possible, while making it an instrument that someone can afford to actually purchase.

The designer, and owner of Electronic Music Works is Paulo Sergio dos Santos. He and his company hail from Brazil and both are dedicated to building great sounding, affordable instruments..." Read the full review along with sound demo on Atomic Shadow here.

I asked EMW about the EML-200 connection and they had the following to say: "In general the EMW-200 can do almost anything that the EML-200 can do but the contrary isn’t true. The circuits are all analog but we redesigned some of them in order to improve some characteristics. As an example, the AD circuit on the EML-200 is very poor, it’s just a capacitor and it does not work very well, so we added some more precise control circuits, resulting on a more usable AD. The free oscillator that controls the AD and the Sample and Hold from the WAVE SHAPPER module also does not work very well, it has a narrow frequency range and a poor width (duty-cycle) control, so we redesigned this oscillator and now it has a wider control range. As I said, the sound is very similar but in general it is a more interesting equipment.

It’s important to say the EMW-200 is intendend to be a tribute to the original not an exact “in every detail” recreation. The result was surprisingly good and I think that will please the analog enthusiast and also who never had an old machine.

The EMW-200 launching price is $1,490.00 [Update: the price has actually been lowered to $1299] and we are planing to build 50 units, perhaps 100." Note an EML-300 is in the works, "We are already working on the EMW-300, an EML-300 recreation with some very interesting improvements."

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