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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Modified Concertmate/Moog MG1 Analog Synthesizer SN 1142

via this auction

"Here is a breakdown of things I did to this particular synth:

- Cleaned out foam, removed and cleaned switches/sliders, replaced sliders if necessary
- Replaced all slider caps/knobs with new ones.
- Cleaned all keys and key contacts.
- Replaced power, output, and contour capacitors
- Replaced two frequency dividers with more reliable CMOS based chips.
- Replaced headphone/output amplifier
- Removed RCA jacks and replaced with 1/4" audio out, audio in to VCF, and VCF CV in. One is unused as of now.
- Added two switches for 4 LFO speeds: 1/4, Original, 1/2, and a Hyper speed.
- Added switch to disengage Tone Source 1 from the LFO for sync effects
- Octave switch to give an extra lower octave for Tone source one. -3, -2, -1, and 0 possible.
- Switch to send envelope voltage to Tone Source 2 for sync sweep or pitch swoops with a potentiometer for adjustment.
- Switch for a frequency modulation effect for Tone Source 1/2 and potentiometer for adjustment.

The only cosmetic issues are slightly less shiny switches and a crack in the main label that goes from contour section to filter section. You should be able to see this in the photos. Here is a very general video of the various effects you can do with these mods and to show full functionality. About the only things lacking from a Moog Rogue are pitch bend and mod wheels. I will be posting this on Austin Craigslist as well..."

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