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Thursday, August 09, 2012

RA MOOG MODULAR: delays mixers 262 auto shift

via this auction

"R.A. Moog modular delays mixer module, extremly rare, never seen before due the restricted productions of few exemplars (1969) great tools near a 960 & 962. I could call it 963, this module manages the functions of a 960 and 962 Included the original Moog modular wires and connectors already wired for the three 960, 962 and '963' It come in excellent conditions, perfect working, but due to the vintage nature of this kind of instruments, I sell it 'as seen' Standard Moog modular (RA) dimensions and psu voltage: +12, -6 and ground."


  1. Sadly, these are modules from the famous CEMS system custom handbuilt by the R.A.Moog company. CEMS stood for Coordinated Electronic Music Studio and was one of Bob Moog's and Joel Chadabe's colaborations. Too bad one of the most famous Moog synthesizer systems in the world has been dismantled and sold for parts. Most of those specialty modules won't do much without the central timing unit they were made to connect to.

  2. busting up historical modular instruments is bad behaviour

  3. According to the seller this isn't part of the CEMS system but rather another super rare system that was in parts.

  4. These really are the modules lifted from the CEMS.I guess the seller did not realize or was told different. I have some high resolution photos of the CEMS from 8/4/08 when the CEMS was sold at auction via VEMIA auction #5560. More information on that page at the VEMIA site at, including a link to more photos.The CEMS was a well used system and during use did get it's share of scratches/nicks on the front panels. The center voltage controlled mixer module has the exact same scratches as the one listed in the Ebay auction. No mistaking this at all, that is exactly the same one. Many other peices of this once great Moog system were auctioned off on both Ebay and VIEMA this past April. Look up VEMIA auction #s 9711, 9712, 9713 for some other very unique CEMS modules and #9718, 9719 for the filters from the CEMS. The hi-pass 904B in the auction 9719 also has a very easy to identify scratch that exactly matches the one in the CEMS photo. There was a recent Ebay auction with some of the easy to identify 960, 962 and another delay mixer module Ebay # 221014609071 and # 221014621991.
    So no big deal I guess, just sad to see this machine dismantled. It was my understanding there was a gentlemans agreement with the new owner that it would be restored. Kind of like seeing the Mona Lisa being sold to an art collector and finding out it has been cut up into little pieces and sold on Ebay. Somehow the whole was greater than sum of the parts. A true inovative American synthesizer system put together by Bob Moog and Joel Chadabe.



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