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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vicious SID Commodore 64 Keytar

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via this auction

Via the seller: "In this auction we have one of the most tricked out, one-of-a-kind, nothing else like it Commodore 64 computers in existence! I hand built this fully functional mod over the course of 5 months +/- years in stress. So much research, development, time, design and money went into this project and I can honestly say I am super proud of what I built. I am currently in a bit of a bind and my priorities are completely shifted. In short, I am selling off the majority of my studio to be with my son.

Here is a list of all the mods, hacks and work I put into this thing. Please read all of this to understand exactly what it is that I am selling. There are links for you to further research and see more pictures of this build in the text below.

-Painted the chassis blue and black inside and out.
- Mounted nice locking guitar strap pegs
-Added a custom Li-Ion battery pouch attached to locking guitar strap
- wired a 12v pass through from battery pack, through body and out the top by the LCD mount (no wires, easy disconnect, clean)
- wired a color selector switch close to the 12V battery pack input. Choose Power LED color to suite you mood, can also turn off LED once colors cycle fully if you have not chosen one
- Added a Stratocaster guitar boat style output plate wired for stereo TRS (for stereo output)
- Added a Telecaster style control plate. 2 knobs control volume of dual sids while the switch selects dual sid or mono sid

- Added a camera style hot shoe mount for optional LCD screen for live performance use
- 12V power out for optional LCD screen
- Hacked a proper, higher resolution video output for optional LCD screen or any monitor that takes an RCA video input
- Shortened wires on optional LCD screen
- Changed gender of power jack on optional screen
- Changed the gender of one of the optional screen inputs
- Modded the LCD mount so it can adapt to hotshoes and still be able to position it or angle the screen to your liking
- Created a custom mod grip out of an old C64 modem and camera track with 2 control potentiometers. The Mod grip can be easily unmounted and has a telescoping "fret board" with locking positions!
- Custom transfer logo in C64 font that reads Vicious Sid (I have since removed the logo because it was made on cheap transfer paper but I can provide a sheet of these if you want to try and transfer them on yourself. I would clearcoat it afterward)
- Replaced some of the brown keys for white for a negative 1 octave look.
- Added the mssiah cartridge for midi input, TB303 emulation, 808 emulation, mono synth program and sequencer! No kidding this thing is sick for basslines. Youtube mssiah bassline and be blown away by genuine 8 bit SID chip heaven
- Put together and installed a SID 2 SID board with 2 6581 SID chips! This thing has 2 SID chips that allow it to be in stereo. If you lust for the Electron Sid Station but can't afford or even find one, This thing is killer.

This was built as a performance synth but is equally suited in a studio. I recommend picking up the cynthcart cartridge for live use. You can find them on E-bay with fair ease and cheaply. The cynthcart is better suited for live tweaking while the Mssiah cartridge which is included with this purchase is amazing for studio and sequencing. Again, youtube Cynthcart and do your research to see how crazy this thing is. As reluctant as I am to sell it, I will offer as much info, help and customer service on this item as possible. This is a hand built synthesizer and it should really go to someone who can appreciate and has the willingness to learn about it. You can download manuals and source tons of information through the Mssiah forums
or through the makers of the cartridge 8bitventures dot com
I strongly encourage you to keep in touch with me after purchasing so I can walk you through the modifications and teach you how to care for the synthesizer. This is the prototype and you will never see anything exactly like this but it is also open to additional mods, for the right person this is an already sick platform to go even further. As a hand built synth I have to sell it with a no return policy but I guarantee that it functions completely and will not arrive DOA. In shipping I will disconnect the sid2sid board and wrap it in electrostatic material inside the synth. It's a 2 second installation but I will feel better that the SID chips will not be tossed around.

What is included in this auction?

You get exactly what you see in the picture. One commodore 64 Vicious SID keytar synth with guitar strap, 12 volt battery pack for powering up optional screen, optional screen (a little banged up as it was a test screen but still functions completely,) cable from battery to keytar, original power supply for Commodore 64 and if you want, a printed sheet of logos on transfer paper. You can Google how to apply transfers properly, it's not that difficult. The value of all these parts alone would be massive, this is a great opportunity for the right person."

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