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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Steve Fisk's Yamaha CS60 for Sale

Steve Fisk wrote in to let me know his Yamaha CS60 is for sale in Seattle. If you are interested contact him at For those of you not familiar with Steve Fisk, he's a Washington based audio engineer, musician and producer of quite a few bands including Nirvana, Soundgarden and more. Check out his Wikipedia article for the full list. Steve's involvement with synths goes back to the USC Moog studio circa 1973. He also gave a talk on the ARP 2600 at the 2011 PNW (MMTA) SynthFest (video posted here).

As for the CS60, here is what Steve has to say about it:

"YAMAHA CS-60 for sale. Excellent condition. Keyboard sliders, switches and ribbon controller all working great. No legs or pedal. The door to the powerchord storage nook is funky. Currently this synth's tuning is out of adjustment. It needs to have the oscs calibrated with these sensitive little trim pots. Its close to intune when you warm it up. Still the bug is the voice swapping and the individual oscs drift away from each other as it heats up. Even when its tweaked to spec there's a jankyness to the sound from the oscs flipping under your hand. If you play a C chord 4 times each one sounds different. The tuning knob helps. The tuning tweak can be upwards of $200 and needs to be done fairly often if you plan to use this live. If it sits in a studio or home the tuning should hold for a year or more. Its pretty sensitive for being so heavy. It likes to be moved flat. This all helps keep the tuning. Also heat and cold throw it out of tune. I give it a good warm it up for a half hour before I record with it. The Cs-60 got used in my bands Pigeonhed and Pell Mell and many other things I produced.

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CS80, the CS60 is the one osc version of the CS 80 (two oscs) and while that may not seem like much, it's a big diff. 2 oscs bring the chorus and warble where the one osc CS 60 is fat and huge it don't chorus and waft like the CS 80. Somebody pointed out on that a double tracked CS 60 gets you in CS 80 territory for under $10,000, an odd but valid point. Also I suspect the CS 60 is less buggy and more stable because it has fewer things to go out of tune and less internal heat too by dint."

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