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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Vintage Crumar DS-2 Synthesizer SN 346

via this auction - learn how to sell on eBay here

"The ds2 is a very rare ( 500 made ) crumar synth which has digital ( , fat . raspy saw , pure square and lovely sine thats unlike any analogue i heard ) analogue filters , 2 x lfo , weird lfo shapes and to top it off a 44 key string synth section ( which works at the same time as the main osc's for sublime chord tuned keys.)

Creatively this machine is freaks synth or one for retro heads , the 2 lfo's and mod matrix make this not unlike the sequential pro 1 at times but way more complex ( it has ladder / staircase and s/h random lfos' which take you straight into star trek / bbc radiophonic territory)The machines string section makes super cheesy and cool 60's and 70's pad sounds and just plain psychedelic wavering timbres very similiar to the boards of canada stuff , you know those detuned and weavy psychedelic tones.The machine also excels at leads from thin and tonal to fat and pwm ones and as it has 2 main osc's it can play chord leads that go from classic rave tones to crazy jazz tones , it can emulate a moog lead with ease , really its very moogish.The machine also reminds me alot of the Oxford oscar , it has a very very similiar tone to the oscar at times , a rough and ready filter and a resonance that sqwarks like a banshee , it self resonates and the filter will then act as a osc and track perfectly.I should also mention the lush pink and white noise section ( which again just adds to this machine )The machine i feel outdoes many analogues , its osc's are really mean and fat , they dont sound digital ! but do at times have a slight plastic tone which is what makes the machine sound so cool and psychedelic." Hard shelled case included. I stated earlier just 2 little missing slide covers for the Lfo's. Super easy to replace. Thank you and enjoy G.S.112"

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