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Thursday, May 01, 2014

FORMANTA FAEMI-1M-Polyphonic 1OSC Analog Synthesizer Video Demo

FAEMI-1M *analog synthesizer * ФАЭМИ-1М (HD)

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2011 sergioavia·36 videos

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"Faemi -1M is fully polyphonic synthesizer, made at the same Kachkanar radio factory as the great Polivoks synth and has a 4-octave (F-E - Fa-Mi, hence the name FAeMI) keyboard. Same manufacturer and VCF as the famous Polyvox synthesizer but with stringmachine features! It bears the same logo on the package and retains some of its most impressive capabilities, for example, the powerful resonance filter, which, by expert estimation, outperforms the famous Minimoog! But unlike Polivoks, this synthesizer is entirely polyphonic (a so called "string/organ/brass-synthesizer"), which makes it possible to merge several timbres with the addition of a timbre passed through the filter. Faemi–1M is housed in a compact metal body with plastic sides.

1 VCO, 1 LFO, 1 VCF with ADSR envelope and 1 VCA. The control panel is divided into four main sections. The first is for the oscillator, with controls for decay, tuning and glissando. The second section is subdivided into two parts. The first subsection is called "timbre" - this is essentially the waveshape-control section - with knobs labelled piano, strings, clavinet and brass. The second subsection is called "vibrato": this controls the LFO, and has knobs for frequency, depth and delay. The third and biggest section is the "filter" section, with knobs to define the ADSR envelope as well as controlling cutoff frequency, resonance and modulation.

There is also an interesting little red button in this section which toggles between "brass" and "filter" - that is, when it is depressed, the signal from the VCO is processed through the filter, but when unpressed the signal goes straight to the VCA. The last section is the VCA control, and this has only a knob for volume. We also have a LFO, with speed and amplitude dial."

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