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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Overcycler DIY 6 Voice Hybrid Synthesizer from GliGli - Maker of the Prophet-600 Firmware Update

SoundCloud description: "All sounds coming from my DIY synth, no effect, spatialization is built-in. As you can hear in this demo, it's very versatile, from huge analog pads to gritty digital sounds, going through all the inbetween possibilities. A great addition to my other analog synths!"

This one in via Soviet Space Child, via reddit, posted on June 24, 2015 by sfxgligli:

"It's a 6 voice polysynth. Each voice is 2 wavetable oscillators into a VCF into a VCA. I deliberately made it so the oscillators can strongly overdrive the SSM2044 filter, which stays very musical and smooth even when overdriven (eg you can hear it on the opening arpeggios). The voices are also panned left to right on the stereo output to get some spatialization."

Note the synth appears to have been completed back in 2013 based on the date of the demo above as well as previous posts on the GliGli website.

You might know GliGli from the P600fw firmware update for the Prophet-600 and the Matrix 1000 ROM upgrade. This 6 voice DIY hardware hybrid synth is called Overcycler. Some of the work behind it actually made it's way into the P600fw update.

From October 9, 2013:
"It will be:
- An expander, in a slanted box.
- 6 voice polyphonic with separate outs, 4 part multitimbral.
- Hybrid , two 12bit DACs per voice (wavetable oscillators for now), one SSM2044 filter, and 1/4 of SSM2164 VCA.
- Using a 20x4 characters LCD / 16 keys keypad / 10 potentiometers user interface.
- Using relatively simple hardware, strongly based on the KISS principle :)
- Having a strong character, each stage will allow some overdrive (filter, VCAs, ...)

I learned a lot while working on the Prophet 600, and I thought it could help me design a slightly different synth from the usual analog ones, more or less inspired by the PPG Wave.

Nothing groundbreaking, Mutable Instruments have done this for a while, but I had an unused set of SSM2044/SSM2164, and I wanted to see how far I could go in simplifying a polyphonic hybrid synthesizer."

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