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Monday, October 12, 2015

DSP Synthesizers Merges the VCDO & VCDF into the VCDM Single Chip

via DSP Synthesizers

"The VCDO and the VCDF have been deprecated.
They are now joined into one single chip, the VCDM.

Build your own TB-303 with the Voltage Controlled Digital Modular.
The synth is an analog hybrid so it's patched and controlled through analog signals.

It has the building blocks for one analog synth voice.
OSC, SUB, Noise, Filter & VCA in a single chip.

You put together the blocks, only limited by your imagination, to create some great sounds.

Voltage controlled Pulse wave oscillator with separate PW and detuned SUB output.
0-5v CV input for pitch. Range C2-C7. 1volt/octave.
0-5v CV input for pulsewidth 50-95%.
Main osc output 0-5v swing.
SUB osc, -1 octave 0-5v swing.

White Noise Generator
0-5v output.

Voltage controlled digital 18dB lowpass filter with resonance.
0-5v unipolar audio input (can be lifted to +-2.5v bipolar)
0-5v CV input for Cutoff frequency.
0-5v CV input for Resonance.
Filter PDM output with 0-5v swing (requires passive LPF)

Voltage controlled digital amplifier.
0-5v CV input for filter level.

A singel voice analog hybrid synth in one chip.
Same price. $35"

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