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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

3 Eurorack Sets by Frank Murder: First Night | Quad + 2 | Hide and Seek

Published on Dec 28, 2015 Frank Murder

"30 minutes of modular techno, Warming up for new years day party..."

Quad + 2

Published on Dec 17, 2015

"6 voice modular poliphonic patch.

Patch notes:

Circadian Rhythms triggers drum modules and works as a master clock.

Drum modules are from tiptop and are run through a korgasmatron 2 from intellijel.

A trigger from Circadian is divided by a deopher A-160-1 clock divider and sent into various inputs on the Z8000 matrix sequencer. The Z800 is set up in an algorithmic fashion so that each step on the x or y axis is musically relevant to the next. It is triggered in a way that the progression is very non linear, this is mainly done by sending different divisions into different directional imputs.

The outputs of the Z8000 are manipulated in various ways before hitting two uScale units, both 1vOct and shift. This gives out a stream of 4 quantised cv signals, ever changing and evolving.

The polyphony section is four identical voices, Dixie 2 - uVcf - linix.
Each Dixie sends a secondary waveform to the fm2 input its uVcf, there is a Dr. Octature in lfo mode that occupies the fm 1 input of each filter. (Dr. Octature also consoles pwm of the Rubicon).

Bass voice is a Rubicon - uFold - uMod - Triat - uVca combo.
Sine out is split into Triat and uFold in. The folded sine goes into a uMod along with a lp filtered wave from the second Dixie voice.

The uMod out is mixed with the original sine and the pulse out from the Rubicon in a Triat.

The Rubicon drives on the same CV as the first Dixie but is tuned lower.

Final voice from a Shapeshifter - uVca combo. This is driven by a metropolis, and functions as kind of a lead.

Trigger Riot is sending out free running polyrhythms that trigger the envelope section, dual adar and quadra. The envelope section controls the VCAs, uFold along with some modulation of the drum machines.

Finally it is the mix section.

At the end of the chain is a Dubmix.

Channel 1 is percussion coming from korgasmatron,
Channel 2 is Bass voice.
Channel 3 is Shapeshifter lead.
Channel 4 is the Dixie quire.

The four Dixie voices are sub mixed in a Mutamix before being sent to the Dubmix.

There is an effect chain on the Dubmix send, Sprigray split into two synthrotek eco units set up for stereo into the Dubmix returns.

The kicks are taken dry out into an external mixer and are mixed in with the Dubmix main out there."

Hide and Seek

Published on Dec 14, 2015

"Live modular techno jam - also testing out my camera setup."

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