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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pricing and Availability of the Upcoming Polivoks Clone by Alex Pleninger

Just in via Alex Pleninger.

"The very first run is ready and the price is defined at $2000. After that the price is going to rise up to $2400."

Note this is a sponsored project and the decision for the price increase following the first run is not Alex's. Introductory price discounts are not all uncommon. The official website with ordering details will follow soon. Until then, enjoy the pics and of course be sure to see the Alex Pleninger label at the bottom of this post for video demos.

Update: Some additional info and new pics below in via Alex:

"All units are and will be hand crafted and made. There're no surface mount components inside, all pcbs use trough-hole design which allows to achieve really vintage flavour in sound and behaviour. Almost 85% of components are rare soviet new old stock. Pots and switches are faceplate-mounted thus very reliable and durable.

The following features were added to the original:

LFO frequency mod, routable from MIDI/CV or Filter EG

LFO additional waveforms (two saws and sine)

RING MOD (beautifully sounding XOR) in Mixer section

bipolar attenuators on LFO mod and Filter EG's depth

overall mod indexes are increased, especially in VCA section

PWM on second oscillator, attenuator and source selector (VCA EG or LFO)

EXT INput acts now as an additional positive feedback loop

thank you,

Alex Pleninger & Mister Vladimir Kuzmin (the creator of the original Polivoks)

Alex Pleninger & co-author of the project Alexey Taber.


  1. Oh man I was super frigging excited for this remake, but that pricing... I bought the original Polivoks for $700 including shipping from Russia in absolute pristine condition just over a year ago. It sounded and played amazing with added midi. I see the original going for $900-1200 normally. $2000 seems a bit steep, plus the price is gonna go up afterwards. Just seems strange for a clone/remake to be double or more the price compared to the original. Gutted. I wanted one so bad. I think the price is gonna turn folks off.

  2. I was also hoping they would make neutral sounding compromises in components and possibly offload some manufacturing to get within price distance of the originals in the market. This is a labor of love sort of piece using NOS components. The price is justified. It will have its market which will likely meet the production level abilities. It is a great piece and I can't help but respect where they are going with it. You can beat most of this by getting the eurorack clones and some extra modules, plus you have even more flexibility. You can get the original almost all the time now - plus components and service knowledge has greatly increased. You can't beat getting the nod from the creator and executing as they have.

  3. thanks for comments :)
    first of all, this is NOT just the remake neither simple clone. we did huge job to make discrete analogue oscillators really stable over time (three days seem to be quite enough). we added some cool features concerning sound and modularity (cv inputs for instance). we designed literally bullet-proof case (the faceplate itself is 4mm thick). all unit are handmade. all key components are NOS and I think people know what it means in term of rarity and reachability. once again, this was sponsored project, so please don't blame me personally :)

  4. I'm just bitter cuz I'm a broke bastard. You did an amazing job. :)

  5. I'm just bitter cuz I'm a broke bastard. You did an amazing job. :)

  6. This is gorgeous. I love love love the sound of these.
    They're so busy making stuff, though that it's super hard to actually buy one at the moment! Take my money please!

  7. Making everyone bid $1850 minimum or pay $4000 up front. What a couple of greedy assholes. Fuck these guys.


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