MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Jam 52

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Modular Jam 52

Published on May 5, 2016 ngarjuna

"Some Patch Notes:
Sync Leads (Distorted and Non)
Sequencer 1 driving
Cranial Saw sync enveloped by PEG1 - Post Lawsuit Filter enveloped by PEG2 enveloped by Dual ADSR1 - Classic VCA enveloped by Dual ADSR2

West Coast Pluck Patches
Rene - Sputnik2 FM'd by Sputnik 1 into Timbre modulated by Pittsburgh Oscillator triangle - Optomix1 enveloped by Maths triggered by Wogglebug random trigger
Rene - STO shape modulated by a mix of deformed FM'd Rubicon sine and Wogglebug (Rene into heart IN) stepped out, FM'd through uVCA by Sputnik2 Triangle - Optomix2 - Maths FALL modulated by Rene unquantized CV

Spectral Multiband Woo Patch
Rene providing trigger sequence striking the inputs on the SMR
Rotate CV from Wogglebug stepped
Res CV from Sequencer 1 square LFO
Outputs to Optomix 1 and 2, no envelopes

Percussion Patch Uno
Sputnik1 - Timbre CV IN from PEG1 - Optomix2 enveloped by Maths1 (clocked) struck by Rene trigger sequence
Sputnik2 FM'd by Sputnik1 sine via uVCA modulated by audio rate sine from Pittsburgh Oscillator
Wogglebug (clocked, fed pitch) ringmod - Optomix1 DAMP modulated by PEG2 and enveloped by Maths4 (triggered by a Rene gate sequence)

Percussion Patch Dos
Rene - STO Lin FM'd by its own SUB OUT via Optomix1 enveloped by Maths, shape modulated by Rene unquantized OUT
Into Optomix2 enveloped by Maths4 modulated FALL from Wogglebug stepped

East Coast Bass Patch
Sequencer 1 pushing
Rubicon distorted sigmoid - .MIX - Post Lawsuit Filter modulated by pitch, PEGs via OR output and a Minimod envelope into the AMOUNT input
Minimod envelope opening the uVCA"

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