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Friday, June 24, 2016

Soundtrack SciFi style ambient - MOOG MicroMoog & Yamaha Reface CS

Published on Jun 24, 2016 Matt Greer

"Soundtrack SciFi epic style ambient made with a MOOG MicroMoog, Yamaha Reface CS, Eventide Space, Behringer Space C Chorus and a TC Electronics Flashback x4

"Cold" by Robots Against Children

Hi gang,

So I cheated a little this time. This is not really a live jam. I multitracked into the DAW but I wanted to share something so I set up a couple cameras to record myself when I tracked the lead so I could share something on my channel. There's only 3 tracks and each represents a single take. I tried to keep it simple.

The big fat stabbing bass comes from the MicroMoog. This instrument is old and has no midi or sync or anything like that bit it will self-modulate and drone so I set the modulation as slow as it would go and just let it pulse on its own while I changed the root note. It's playing through the Behringer Space C Chorus pedal, the Eventide Space and the Flashback x4 for delay, which also builds the rhythm of the track.

I then did a single take to track some subtle background pads on the Reface CS and then finally I recorded a simple lead on the MicroMoog as well. Great sounding instrument. I think I'll use it more often. I sold my Ultranova lately and moved the Moog onto the stand. That was a good idea."

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