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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Chimera Synthesis BC6 Walnut SN *8E1F3D*

via this auction

"For sale a very rare Synthesizer Chimera Synthesis BC6 Walnut synth / step recorder

"A brilliant compact synth / drone machine from the now deceased Chimera. Great for sampling :-)

This is what Chimera had to say about the BC6:

[BC6] WALNUT, handmade, small, standalone synthesizer with in-built 16-step sequence recorder

[DESIGN] Beautiful Black Walnut wood, brushed stainless steel, bright-red printed circuit board, green plastic button and green LED

[SOUND] Distilled Chimera bC8 type sounds

[USE] Live, backing, drone, musique-concrete, glitch, industrial…


[1] VCO pitch, from 27.5Hz [A0] to approximately 3.1KHz [G7]

[PLAYBACK] plays back the last sixteen notes, speed maybe smoothly varied from 1/16th speed to 16x speed


[OUTPUT] Stereo 3.5mm jack socket (50mW available for driving headphones)

[POWER] 3x AAA cells, drain ~55mA, power switch on base

[SIZE] 90mm diameter x 45mm overall height (including knobs)

[CONSTRUCTION] body from black walnut, hand-finished and protected with Danish Oil, stainless steel top-plate, high quality double-sided

PCB hand-assembled and tested.

[AVAILABILITY] only 100 units were built (this is number 28)"

[2] LFO>VCO modulation depth, controls both AM and FM depths

[3] LFO rate (sub-sonic to audible)

[BUTTON] envelope trigger (with sustain), mode selection and playback start-stop

[4] Envelope, combination attack/release control 5 milliseconds to 20 seconds

[5] VCO waveshape continuous morph (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth) and LFO waveshape selection (sine, square, rising sawtooth, falling sawtooth)

[6] Volume [also auxiliary functions of mode selection when at zero and playback speed]

[MODE] single-shot mode with sustain, auto-repeat, playback

[RECORDER] automatically records the last sixteen notes played including, note duration, time between notes and the values of knobs 1-5 (these maybe overridden during playback if desired)"

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