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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Make Noise Maths Demo Videos by Perfect Circuit Audio


Maths as a Clock Divider

"This patch utilizes the Make Noise Maths slew capabilities in a rhythmic and helpful way. The Maths on the right is just providing clocks which are patched into the Trigger inputs of Channel 1 and 4 of the Maths on the left. If the Rise amount makes the envelope longer than the next Trigger, it won't retrigger until the next gate, allowing one to use it as an analog clock divider. Both channels of Maths are being clocked at the same rate, and as the Rise value changes, the clock division is decided, showing some rhythmic ratios such as 1:2, 2:3, 2:4, and 3:4. The End of Cycle and End of Rise clock outputs are then sent to strike an Optomix for a quick percussive envelope."

Maths as a (waveshaping) VCA

"This patch is similar to the Clock Divider patch, but instead of sending Triggers and using the slewed envelope to offset the Trigger outputs, this patch uses the Gate input for Audio, and slews it completely until no sound is outputted. The output of an oscillator is sent into the Gate input on Maths. As one moves the Rise and Fall knobs, one can hear the timbre shifting slightly, with some locations cutting out the sound completely. If the output of Channel 4 is patched into the Rise CV, it can modulate the Rise control to cut out the sound. In order to get the correct ranges, the output on Channel 4 may have to be fully negative (by use of the polarizer knob). Great as a VCA in a pinch!"

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