MATRIXSYNTH: Patch Notes #2 - 0-Coast Hidden LFOs

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Patch Notes #2 - 0-Coast Hidden LFOs

Published on Jul 3, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Here's a patch example using the hidden LFOs and other functions in the Make Noise 0-Coast synth as the main voice, with another Euclidean Rhythm based drum part with the Ornament & Crime.

The 0-Coast is the melodic voice, sweeping between the clean triangle wave shape and the additive, overtone shape from time to time.

The note sequence is coming from the René, which is being clocked by Tempi to the X clock and a slower odd tempo to the Y clock from Tempi via the Wogglebug, which is also sending slewed random voltages to the Y CV in. Then the gate from René is routed to the Contour (ADSR envelope) section, which controls the Dynamics (VCFA). The sustain is turned down in the Contour section, resulting in a basic attack/decay envelope, with the decay time modulated by the triangle wave LFO from the MIDI B CV output (as covered in the related tutorial).

The Slope (cycling AD envelope) section has cycle disabled, and is being triggered at an audio rate by the Oscillator square wave output. The rise and fall times are set to zero, and the vari-response knob is set to exponential, creating an extremely short envelope shape. The Slope output is then routed into the Oscillator FM input. The Stepped Random output is sent through the signal mult to the Oscillator Multiply attenuverter, while the square wave hidden LFO is routed to the Overtone attenuator.

Tempi is also clocking the Ornament & Crime, which is running 3 channels of Euclidean rhythms to a kick in Braids, a snare with the Basimilius Iteritas, and a hihat in the Scooper, with the Euclidean fill amount on each sequence modulated by the three channels on Pressure Points clocked from Brains."

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