MATRIXSYNTH: Self-Generative Modular #3

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Self-Generative Modular #3

Self-Generative Modular #3 from Kial on Vimeo.

"A self-generative modular patch that is driven by the uScale, Animodule's Tiktok, and the clock and S&H waveform from the TTLFOv2. In this patch the TTLFOv2 provides the main clock source, and voltages used for pitch via the S&H LFO wave. Clock pulses from TTLFO are sent to TikTok to generate gates at the division outs. The main output of the TTLFO, in 0-5V mode, sends voltages to the uScale for quantization. 'Output A' of the uScale is sent to the TTA z3000 VCO, with a free running, unipolar square wave LFO changing the 'shift' value in scale. Sawtooth out of the z3000--->input of the Polaris MMF. LP out of the Polaris--->input of Rings in reverb FX mode--->stereo mixer. MULTI output of Polaris sent to uVCAII, which is controlled by the z4000 EG being triggered at every 4th division. Output of uVCAII---> Malekko MIX--->WMD/SSF DPLR stereo delay--->stereo mixer (subMix6) Waveshaped output of TTA z3000---> Meng Qi LPG, which is controlled by QuBit EON in envelope mode, triggered every 3rd division. Meng Qi DLPG output--->Malekko MIX--->WMD/SSF DPLR. Dixie II, Disting, and RS-80 supply modulation of various parameters on the aforementioned modules with some help from uFold, and ModDemix.....none of these LFOs are clock synced to create a constant evolution of sound."

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