MATRIXSYNTH: Ambient modular synth, self-running drone: "Shipyard" by POB

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Ambient modular synth, self-running drone: "Shipyard" by POB

Published on Aug 7, 2016
Update: Fist posted at 2:38. Re-Published as "Shipyard"

"'Shipyard' is a live modular synthesizer performance -- my first attempt at something that's dark, ambient, and lots of drone sounds.

I let the synth run by itself, only turning off/on voices throughout the piece.

The Intellijel Dixie II+ and Make Noise DPO run the show as far as oscillators, with reverb from the Erbe Verb and delay from 4ms Dual Looping Delay. Full list of modules below.

If you hear voices chanting "ha ha ha" in the middle, that is part of the reversed backmasking sample from Prince's 1984 album, Purple Rain. Near the end of the song, the music stops into the sound of rain and wind. There is singing, but played in reverse, but for this track I reversed it again. The vocals are Prince singing.

I used 40 patch cables for this patch.

Candle is awesome BTW. Whiskey and Tobacco from Northern Lights :)


All sounds mixed out through Pittsburgh Modular's Outs, sent to Ableton Live for master file creation for YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

I recorded video with an iPhone 6+ then manually synced the video with the audio using iMovie.

All modules were inside a 12U Gemini 0104 case from Monorocket, a 6U case from Dark Modular, and Make Noise's 3U powered skiff.

Modules used:
Pingable Envelope Generator by 4MS
Oscillator by Pittsburgh
K4815 Pattern Generator by Kilpatrick Audio
Nebulae by QuBit Electronix
Elements by Mutable Instruments
MTE 4 by Malekko
STO by Make Noise
Selector by Sputnik Modular
Dixie II+ by Intellijel
Multiplicity by Division6
Matrix by 4MS
DPO by MakeNoise
Dual ADSR by Intellijel
Maths by Make Noise
Rene by Make Noise
Tempi by Make Noise
Wogglebug by Make Noise
Erbe Verb by Make Noise
Optomix 2016 by Make Noise
Mutant Clap by Hexinverter
Dual Looping Delay by 4MS
Peaks by Mutable Instruments
Ripples by Mutable Instruments
Outs by Pittsburgh Modular


No computers were used in the performance of this piece. All modular synths recorded live in a single take."

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