MATRIXSYNTH: Patch Notes #14 - Make Noise 0-Coast Dubstep Wobble Bass

Friday, August 19, 2016

Patch Notes #14 - Make Noise 0-Coast Dubstep Wobble Bass

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Patch Notes 14 explores the patching demonstrated in our recent Dubstep Wobble Bass tutorial with the Make Noise 0-Coast with the Korg SQ1.

The 0-Coast and SQ1 are patched exactly like the previous tutorial, with the SQ1 clocked by the Make Noise Tempi, and the 0-Coast routed out to the Malekko Mix4.

The lead sequence is being played by the Make Noise René, also clocked by Tempi, routed out the DPO. The DPO Final output is routed to the MMG, then to the Optomix and out through Mutable Instruments Warps running Parasite firmware in pingpong delay mode. Then the signal is patched to the Mix4.

The René X-gate output is routed to the Malekko ADLFO, triggering two envelopes routed to the MMG filter frequency cutoff and the Optomix control input. The left over group of 3 ADLFO functions are in Loop x10 mode to generate longer LFOs. One is routed to the FM Bus on the DPO, the sum output is routed to the Mod Bus index. One channel on the Ornament & Crime (in Quadraturia mode) is also routed to the Mod Bus external source input.

Another one of the O&C outputs is routed to modulate the Timbre control on Mutable Instruments Braids in WTx4 mode, playing back the chords. The pitch is modulated by a channel on Make Noise Pressure Points (clocked through Brains by Tempi), while the note triggers are coming from a channel on the Malekko Varigate 4 (also clocked and reset by Tempi).

Another channel on the Varigate 4 is routed to a mult, then to the Roland Scooper to trigger a hihat, as well as to the Doepfer A-151-2 Sequential Switch. The signal is then toggled via 2 channels of Pressure Points summed through Maths, between 2 destinations, the Kick (from the Dual Borg/Envelator combo we’ve explored before) and the Snare (from the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas). The drums are routed through the Scooper, and then to the Mix4 (which is the final output)."

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