MATRIXSYNTH: Pocket Operator Hip Hop with Yamaha Reface CP - PO-14 Sub, PO-20 Arcade

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pocket Operator Hip Hop with Yamaha Reface CP - PO-14 Sub, PO-20 Arcade

Published on Aug 17, 2016 Matt Greer

"Funky Electro Hip Hop beat produced with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (PO-14 & PO-20) and the Yamaha Reface CP.

'Faxt' by Robots Against Children

Hi all,

So I was sitting in my office/studio faxing a stack of papers to some folks that are helping me buy my new house. The fax was taking forever so I grabbed my little PO-14 Sub and starting writing little beats. The fax got through but I didn't notice because I just kept right on jamming and in time, worked out this chain of patterns.

I then grabbed the PO-20 Arcade with the hopes of adding some leads or drones but the 8-bit sound just wasn't mixing right so all it ended up supplying was the hi-hat.

Then I ran the output of both into my Yamaha Reface CP's "aux" input and just put together a few vibey leads to pull it together. Then I'm outputting from the headphone jack on the CP on into the trusty Tascam DR-05.

Just a down a dirty exercise really so it's short and to the point but I'm pretty pleased with the results of these three pieces of kit. Very raw and not really elegant at all but they do their jobs well."

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