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Friday, August 19, 2016

Trax Retrowave R1

via this auction

"Amazing analog synth with full control over every parameter. Has a wonderful moog like sound, including the Vca over-drive that the moog is famous for. Has four waveform - sine, triangle, saw and square, with pulse width modulation. Has two lfo's, with variable shapes, a sample and hold, Adsr (short or long) that can be bypassed for drones if wished, overdrive, 2 (yes, 2!) sub oscillators, a noise output, positive and negative filter modulation from any source, cv inputs for the filter, the frequency, gate, pwm, and the Vca. This unit has been modded by Trax to add cv output for both lfo's, and a direct output for the mixer section. Also has gate, cv and velocity outputs so can be used as a midi to cv converter."

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