Saturday, September 03, 2016

E-MU Emulator II+

via this auction

"For sale is an E-mu Emulator II+, which is probably one of the most unique sounding samplers ever produced. In 1984, the E-mu Emulator II was released. At the time, it had the best price to performance ratio of any sampler available. Today it is still sought after because of its unique sound characteristics and interesting libraries. It is also extremely easy to use, with an superbly intuitive interface. The EII has an extremely unique sound character due to it's strange companding algorithm for encoding and reproducing samples. It also has wonderful and resonant analog filters thanks to the SSM 2045 IC. This specific EII is a factory "plus" model, meaning it has the memory to store two separate banks of sounds simultaneously, allowing immediate switching between them. It's original MSRP was $9,995 (which is approx $23,000 in today's dollars!)

This EII+ has been thoroughly gone through and repaired to better than new operation. Here is what has been performed:
IC's and sockets have been de-oxidized to maintain good electrical connections (a major issue with EII's)
Non-working IC's have been found replaced with new ones (there were several)
The power supply has been replaced with modern ones with much higher reliability and efficiency (another major issue with EII's).
The LCD display has been retrofitted with a modern LED back-lit one (the old one is prone to wearing out, and is rare and expensive to find)
All front panel buttons have been replaced with brand new ones. The originals nearly always wear out and become very difficult to use and unreliable.
Potentiometers/sliders have all been cleaned.
The bottom metal chassis has been painted with a rust-inhibiting gloss black finish.
The OS has been updated to the latest, version 3.1
An HxC floppy emulator was installed. With it you can load and save sounds from an SD card rather than from noisy, unreliable floppy disks.
Included with the EII+ is an SD card containing a huge library of sounds to be used with the HxC floppy emulator. Nearly the entire E-mu library is included, along with sounds from other famous libraries such as the OMI Universe of Sounds. On this SD card is also utility disks such as the memory and scanner test disks. Also included is all of the documentation, printed out and neatly presented in binders. The documentation includes both the user's guide and the service manual. Finally, just in case you need them, I will include an OS 3.1 boot disk, memory test disk, and scanner test disks on 5.25" DSDD floppies."

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