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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Modular Synth and Guitar Crossover

Published on Sep 13, 2016 FatSynthDude

"For some reason you don't see much talk about doing stuff like this. For this demonstration, I'm running a guitar through various modules on my Eurorack system before sending it to the amp. In all cases, the guitar is a Schecter Avenger 7, the amp is a Schecter Hellraiser Stage 100, the mic is an SM57, and the preamp is an Eleven Rack. For most of these sounds, the clean channel was used. No post-processing effects were used. The order of the modules being used is as followed (also see corresponding picture.)

1. 0:00 Flame FX-16 (Autowah)
2. 0:19 Flame FX-16 (Bitcrusher)
3. 0:52 Audio Damage Aeverb
4. 1:20 Analogue Solutions SY02
5. 1:39 Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper
6. 1:55 EMW Fixed Filter Bank
7. 2:35 A-125 Phase Shifter (Modulated by WMD DPO)
8. 3:27 Synthrotek Echo
9. 4:22 Dave Smith DSM-02 Character (5:42, drive turned up to max. Kinda of has a Tube Screamer-esque quality here.)
10. 6:03 Synthrotek 308 (Rat Clone) (6:43, Lead Channel engaged and a bad cover of 'Where the Slime Live" is played)
11. 6:58 Doepfer A-105 SSM Filter (Modulated by WMD DPO)
12. 8:36 Mutable Warps
13. 9:18 OSC303 (being CV modulated by the guitar, oddly enough)
14. 10:16 Mutable Elements
15. 10:58 Mutable Clouds
16. 12:12 Uoki-Toki Polivoks Filter (Modulated by WMD DPO. Uoki-Toki has super cheap Polivoks clone filters available on Muff Wiggler and I can't recommend them enough.)
17. 13:16 Trouby Tube Fuzz (Can't believe I've actually found something usable for this module! Sounds terrible on synths, but great as a guitar front end.)
18. 13:41 Music Thing Radio Music
19. 13:57 Waldorf NW1 (Wave 80 is my new god)
20. 14:30 Pittsburgh Modular Verbtronic (love how it has such a spring reverb character to it)
21. 15:30 Dwarfcraft Hax
22. 16:18 Flame Talking Synth
23. 16:50 Soundmachines UL1 Looper (very lofi quality even at highest quality)
24. 17:31 4ms Atoner
25. 18:42 Synthrotek APC (Modulated by WMD DPO)"

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