MATRIXSYNTH: Patch Notes #19 - DU SEQ w/ 0-Coast & Blocks

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Patch Notes #19 - DU SEQ w/ 0-Coast & Blocks

Published on Sep 17, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Sick for a week, finally back to making sound... Here's Patch Notes #19 exploring the complex gate and note sequencing with the DU SEQ Eurorack sequencer as well as the 0-Coast and Blocks.

Reaktor Blocks is clocking everything. I'm using the Maschine Sequencer Block mapped to the Traktor F1 controller, with the first 4 channels routed to outputs on the Traktor Audio 10 audio interface. This way, I can sequence gate patterns on the fly, mute and solo sequences, generate Euclidean Rhythms and more. The Turing Machine Block seen on screen is not in use in this particular recording.

Channel 1 on the Blocks sequencer is routed the first section of the Malekko ADLFO, with the Sum output routed to the Roland Scooper, triggering the Kick in a complex version of our Roland Aira Modular Drum Machine patch. Using the Sum output, I can craft more nuanced decay/release stages.

Channel 3 on the Blocks sequencer is routed the second section on the ADLFO, which is also routed via the Sum output to the Scooper, triggering the hihat. Channel 4 is routed to the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, which is creating more percussive, metallic textures.

Channel 2 is clocking the DU SEQ. The pitch and gate outputs are routed to the Make Noise 0-Coast, which is then routed through the Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74. The filter has boost enabled, adding some warmth to the 0-Coast output (more on this filter to come). The filter is routed out into Mutable Instruments Warps running the Parasites firmware for some delay effect.

Braids is generating a self-modulated chord in WTx4 mode, with an internal LFO pushing the timbre control around. The output is routed to the input on the Scooper, through a sidechain compressor setup with the kick drum envelope ducking the levels of the synth."

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