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Monday, October 03, 2016

Eurorack Modular Demos by Brandon Logic

Published on Oct 2, 2016 brandon logic

1. Reflex Liveloop use as a sampler demo.

2. Epoch Twin Peak vs the Klangbau Twin Peak filter. Filter sound comparison.

"From 0 to 3:45 i'm filtering a square wave from the Sputnik Oscillator through the Klangbau then through the Epoch. from 3:45 to 8:40 i'm using only triggers from Mutable Instruments Grids into the audio inputs of the filters (and multing to mod a and b of the Epoch). Here, the Epoch is panned hard left and the Klangbau hard right. from 8:40 untill the end, it's back to the sputnik square and some random wiggling of both filters at onece, still panned hard left and right.

Recording is completely dry, no effects or eq. In this demo, i'm using animodule line amp as a buffered mult to split the signal going into the audio input of the epoch to also go into the peak a and peak b mod inputs of the Epoch. This is because this is similar to how the Klangbau's Tr-F1 adn Tr-F2 controls are internally wired. I am using channel two of the line amp to boost the output of the epoch because it tends to output below standard euro modular level. line amp helps boot it normal euro levels. The Epoch requires more patching for this comparison but it also has more cv inputs for modulation and is a little more flexible under cv control and is easier to fine tune with it's knobs compared to the Klangbau's joystick, which make it hard to dial in two specific filter frequencies to track with other oscillators and v/oct, although the joystick is nice for improv and performance . you might notice that the Klangbau sometimes has a little clipping or distortion. from my experience this is part of the character of the the Klangbau version, which can sound nice! it can be controlled to some extent with the input level knob. The Klangbau will consistently self resonate with the resonance all the way up, so it is capable of longer sustaining rings . the Epoch does not self resonate like this without modulation/pings."

3. Glockenspiel vs Modualr adventures in sound.

"here, i'm experimenting with running acoustic sound (glockenspiel and drum) through my synth for both audio processing and triggering sounds and events. the sound runs through the 4ms spectral multiband resonator to convert the audio into envelopes which are then converted to triggers to fire sounds in the synth and trigger random voltages (wogglebug, ura, a-149 and turing machine) which create the variety of sounds you hear. I'm using the 4ms dual dealy to create the loops. the glockenspiel loop is then going through the reflex liveloop to create the glitchy delay and pitch shifting effects. the drum loops its going the warps parasites dealy and then to clouds for more audio manipulations."

4. modular sketch 6-30-16 4ms dld dual looping delay and mutable instruments rings patch

5. First 4ms dual looping delay patch - thumb piano - sound on sound loop and manual delay manipulation

6. Modular evolving random patch in progress

7. modular sketch 4-1-16 improv jam

8. modular drum break chops jam

"jamming in real time, not quantized to a clock so pardon the imperfections.
meng qi voltage memory and intellijel planar controlling the make noise phonogene. other sound sources, mutable instruments rings and sputnik oscillator, and doepfer a 110-4."

9. One module, self patched; 4ms spectral multiband resonator

10. mutable instruments rings with music thing mikrophonie and doepfer ribon controller

"audio quality isnt perfect, just a quick cell phone recording showing how these modules can be used together."

11. modualr synth sketch 2-18-16 v2

12. wave folding comparison WMD & SSF Ultrafold, MI Warps, and ES Disting MK3

"wave folding comparison between WMD & Steady State Fate Ultrafold, Mutable Iinstruments Warps, and Expert Sleepers Disting MK3"

13. wmd ultrafold random voltage krell patch

14. eurorack modular synth drum patch #1

15. Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3.1 system "west coast" style percussive/bit crushing effect demo

"My first demo video with my Foundation 3.1 modular synth. A 'west coast' percussive patch with some sample and hold bit crushing effects demo."

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