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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Filth Mode Engage

Published on Oct 22, 2016 voltlif

"Somewhere between dirty synth pop and industrial, based around a severely filthy kick drum-turned-bassline. Key patch notes:

Kick/bassline: Mannequins Mangrove through Serge Resonant EQ. Mangrove's pitch is driven by a sharp decaying Maths envelope, while its Formant is modulated by a rising Maths envelope, so it starts off a bit like a kick drum then swells into buzzy pulse-like sound. One of the higher bands from the Serge also goes into Erbe Verb, which has its Mix opened up by the same rising envelope. This creates thin washes that I bring in a bit before the main bassy sound.

Melodic riff: Mother 32, with its saw output going into a Doepfer A196 PLL, the output of which is fed back into Mother's external input. This creates a subtly glitchy accompaniment to the PWM from Mother's own VCO. An LFO modulates the balance between the two, and I tweak the balance manually at times. A clock goes through Branches into Mother's reset input, which I use to randomly stutter the sequence in the second half.

Snare: pink noise through a VCA opened by a sharp Function envelope, then processed through Demora set to a very short delay. Demora's Width control is sequenced to give more short repreats, creating ringing effects and stereo widening.

Hi-hats: open channel of Mutant Hi-hats, through a PIttsburgh Filter in notch mode to create a pseudo-phaser effect. Hats triggered by various clock divisions passed through a Doepfer A152. An A149-1 switches randomly between these, and the gate out from the slowest channel goes into the Mutant's Decay CV input."

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