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Friday, October 28, 2016

Meeblip'n Trip'n #1

Published on Oct 28, 2016 The DrüMünkey

Be sure to enable CC on the bottom right of the player for notes!

"I finally got all the planets to align (i.e all the HW & software… Holy hell, what a PITA…) to record a little bit of foolin’ around on my Meeblip (

A few notes:

1. All real time performance* using only synthesized sounds (because samples are evil) controlled via knobs... The way synthesizers are supposed to be played. Keyboards are for typing! :)

2. I’ve got the MeeBlip connected to my iPad via simple “Y” mic/headphone cable. Thus the sound quality of the ‘bleep is probably not as good as it could be. I’m only using the square wave. I’ll prob. Do some more recordings of the saw, as well as the wavetables soon. But honestly, as far as the analog synth voices, the square is the most interesting to me. The Saw is OK with a little detuning, but I have a hard time getting it weird...

3) I’m running the entire performance (except for a few things that can not be midi mapped) with a Faderfox LD2. This is hand’s down an AMAZING controller. But neeneerneeneer you can’t have one as I bought the last two he had left. :) I know that in the future I’ll be spending A LOT of money on more of his controllers.

4) Sequencing the ‘bleep with MIDI Pattern Sequencer ( I’m barely touching the surface here. All I’m doing is muting/unmuting like 3-4 sequences in just one pattern. I’ve got it set up so I have other patterns that JUST sequence ALL the Meebleepin’ parameters… Things can get a little weird. Especially if you set pattern lengths to not be even. Great sequencer.. REALLY needs Link support & MIDI learn/control. Would be PERFECT then.

5) The drum/perc are coming from Elastic Drums ( While I love ED, it’s REALLY flaky in AudioBus. Getting it to consistently send midi clock, not have playback glitches, lose midi controller mapping when in AudioBus (keeps resetting the “use one controller flag!!!). It’s just one basic pattern, and I mute/unmute, change levels or FX sends via Faderfox. Can’t map tempo change to midi, so that’s why you see me switch to it a few times.

6) I’m using two amazing, free iOS FX: Frobulator ( pitch/stereo shifting delay’ish “thing”) and Muckraker ( Insane distortion seizure machine). I’m controlling all their parameters real-time via Faderfox as well (including bypass, etc.).

7) All this iOS crap and system input (MeeBlip) is routed in AudioBus and mix control is via MiMixer ( AB widget.

8) Yes, The video gets a little odd.. But it’s better than just watching a dude twiddle his knobs on YouTube I think. :)

9) I could have (and have) gone on for literally hours with this crazy little red box (as if this wasn’t long enough…). But I had to pick up kid from school, and the rain was coming in. :)

Audio Only:

*This “performance” is really just goofing around… Don’t take it too serrrsly..."

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