MATRIXSYNTH: Roland TR-09 verses TB-03 - The Perfect Duo

Monday, October 03, 2016

Roland TR-09 verses TB-03 - The Perfect Duo

Published on Sep 28, 2016 soundseasy

"In this video we sync up the new Roland TB-03 and TR-09 to create a bit of old school 90's Techno. First let me say these things are a lot of fun. They really take me back to the early 1990's.


I sent midi sync from our Roland TR8 and fed it into the TB-03 which then in turn fed the TR-09. I did this as at the time I was having some fun with the timed delay in the MX-1 mixer and to get the timing the TR8 was USB synced to the MX1. I didn't use any delay in the video as I wanted to keep it clean. I just didn't want to re-cable.

All you are hearing is the TB-03 and TR-09.

My thoughts

The TR-09 sounds exactly like the real deal. The kick (although a bit loud in this vid) sounds big and punchy just like on my TR909. I only introduced the Kick Hats and ride - I'll do another video that shows off the other instruments at a later date - I only had this unit for a short period of time before Roland asked for it back.

The TB-03 is everything you'd want from a TB303 replica. I like the TB clean and rubbery. I don't go in for the distorted TB sound that is typical of the Devil Fish mod. I found the OD to be better left off. The reverb is kinda cool though.
The TB-03 is so sticky and has the right amount of swing. I loved programming it just like the real deal.

To sum up - Both these units are amazing. And they are well priced."

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