MATRIXSYNTH: Synthi In Euro (2013)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Synthi In Euro (2013)

Published on Oct 11, 2016 VoltageCtrlRtv

"Synthi in Euro Patch:
Choices Y Out to Wiard Anti-OSC 1v. Oct In
Choices X Out to Wiard OSC EXP In, set attenuator to 12 O' Clock
Mult Choices X Out to Wiard 1v. Oct In
Wiard OSC Square 2 Out to Maths Ch. 4 signal In
Quantum Rainbow Pink noise Out to Anti-OSC EXP In Attenuator set to 1 O' clock
Maths Ch. 4 Signal Out (bottom) to ModDemix CV In 1.
Anti- OSC Triangle to ModDemix Signal In 1 Attenuator full CW
ModDemix Out to main mixer out ch.1
Maths Ch. 4 Out (top) to Positronic Transient Gate In A
PTG Out B- to Maths ch.4 rise in
PTG Out A- to Z2040 FM in
ModDemix Out 2 to PTG in B Attenuator at full CW
PTG Out B + to Z2040 Resonance In
Anti-OSC Mayhem out to Z2040 in
adjust Z2040 Frequency to taste
Z2040 to main mixer out ch. 2
Use Choices joystick to control the patch.
With a sprinkle of spring reverb.
The Steady State Fate Positronic Transient played a major role in this patch by FMing the filter and cving the resonance of the z2040.
Visit: for more info on the Positronic transient Gate module and Quantum Rainbow.
Links to other module manufacturers that were used in this patch:"

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