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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Casio HT-700 Programmable Digital Synthesizer with Analog Filters

Published on Nov 6, 2016 Patrick Manderson

"This demo contains a number of short MIDI sequences and arpeggios highlighting the filter and wavetable-like oscillators. MIDI sequences were driven by the Yamaha RS7000 Sequencer. Arpeggios were provided by the Novation Bass Station II. One some sequences the Boss Dr-660 played drums. A few pieces of outboard gear was used. Alesis, Behringer & Art Pro Compressors. Delays and reverbs were added from a number of devices: Lexicon MX200, Behringer REV 2496, Zoom MS-CDR70, Digitech RDS 1900.

There is a built-in "stereo" effect using a BBD chorus circuit but it was disabled throughout. I found it a little noisy and a distorted.

The LFO only affects the oscillator. It has depth, delay, speed and 4 wavforms (tri, ramp, reverse ramp, square, random)

It has 31 waveforms for the upper voice and 16 waveforms for the lower voice.

4 part multitimbral - upper voice, lower voice, bass, PCM drums
(8 voices in single mode or 4 voices upper, 3 voices lower, 1 voice bass). The individual drum sounds cannot be triggered over MIDI but the drum patterns to transmit.

One programmable analog filter for the upper voice, another analog filter for the lower voice. The bass voice has no filter.

The resonant NJM2069 filters are very similar to the Korg Poly 800, DW 6000, DW 8000, DSS-1. The DCA and VCF envelopes have fast ADSR and level parameters. However maxing the attack and decay unfortunately isn't slow enough in my opinion. You can hear the filter envelopes at their slowest settings in the Filter Sweeps demo at 10:44.

00:02 MIDI Sequence 1
01:12 MIDI Sequence 2
02:33 MIDI Sequence 3
02:57 Arpeggio 1
03:37 PCM Drum Demo
04:57 MIDI Sequence 4
06:50 Arpeggio 2
07:40 Arpeggio 3
08:21 MIDI Sequence 5
09:07 Arpeggio 4: Waveform Sweep
09:57 Arpeggio 5: Envelope Demo
10:44 MIDI Sequence 6: Filter Sweeps
11:42 MIDI Sequence 7
12:15 Arpeggio 6: Filter Tweaks
12:55 MIDI Sequence 8
13:24 Arpeggio 7"

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