MATRIXSYNTH: 'Pants On Fire' - ngarjuna & 'Won't Be Pretty' - Gist | Modular Tracks by ngarjuna

Monday, November 14, 2016

'Pants On Fire' - ngarjuna & 'Won't Be Pretty' - Gist | Modular Tracks by ngarjuna

Published on Nov 8, 2016 ngarjuna

Modular Jam 58 - 'Pants On Fire'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2016 Acid Coast

Acid Patch
Modular (Rubicon - VCF-303 - uVCF)


West Coast Bass
STO Vari - Optomix - Maths

West Coast 1 (Melodic)
STO - Optomix - Maths - PEG
Utilizing variously output from SINE and VARI

West Coast 2 (Rhythmic)
Rene - STO dynamically (uVCA enveloped by Woggle Smooth) FM'd by Sputnik 1 - Shape modulated by Woggle Stepped - VARI to Optomix - Maths
Seq1 driving Sputnik VCOs - Sputnik 2 into Timbre modulated by PEG - dynamically FM'd by Sputnik 1 (uVCA enveloped by Seq1 sine LFO) - Optomix - Maths

Sequencer 1 - SMR

'Won't Be Pretty' - Gist

Published on Nov 12, 2016

Note this track has some potentially NSFW lyrics for some.

Modular Jam 53 - 'Won't Be Pretty'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2016 Acid Coast

Gist is
ngarjuna - bleeps and bloops
Rich Prewett - guitars

TransVocal Discombobulator
(U-he Diva, Zynaptiq Morph, Cytomic The Drop)

Acid Voice
Audiorealism ABL3 burnt with fire and rage

Jamstix & iSpark

Modular Lead
Rubicon SINE into Aion 904A into NLC Timbre into AJH Minimod VCF getting some LFO modulation from PEG and some audio rate modulation from Pittsburgh Oscillator TRI
to the uVCA being enveloped by Maths SUM with ch1 as the GATE env and ch4 as the ACCENT env

Robot Noise Patches
West Coast cross mod FM patches and some Wogglebug RINGMOD

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