MATRIXSYNTH: The Yamaha CS-15 Overview Videos by Marc Doty aka AutomaticGainsay

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Yamaha CS-15 Overview Videos by Marc Doty aka AutomaticGainsay

Published on Nov 25, 2016 AutomaticGainsay

"Here are some (improvised and casually-played) examples of timbres that can be generated by the unique architecture of the Yamaha CS-15.

The theme is also comprised of Garage-Band assembled loops and 100% CS-15 for all tones and sound effects.
If you listen to the point where the title comes into view, you can hear a CS-15-created voice say "wow!"

Please support these time-consuming videos if they are of help to you by visiting Thank you!"

01-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 1- Sounds of the Yamaha CS-15
02-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 2- Oscillators Part 1
03-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 3- Oscillators Part 2
04-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 4- Oscillators Part 3
05-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 5- Filters Part 1
06-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 6- Filters Part 2
07-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 7- Portamento and Glide
08-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 8- The VCA part 1
09-The Yamaha CS-15: Part - The VCA Part 2
10-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 10 - Envelopes
11-The Yamaha CS-15: Part 11 - FILTER MADNESS - The LH Controller

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